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More on KC the Conscious Camel

When K.C.'s dear friend, Sticky the Pig, is ridiculed by the class bully, Ginger the Red Fox, for an unfortunate mud puddle incident, KC shares with Sticky the tools to owning an emotion and then moving beyond it. KC demonstrates the need for acting instead of reacting. Throughout the day, the precocious camel points out opportunities for he and his friends to tune in to their inner peace, joy, and unconditional love. KC shows them how to stay connected to these productive and positive emotions through meditation.

KC and his classmates ultimately demonstrate to their teacher and to each other that they are capable of complex spiritual evolution...and a harmonious day on the playground!

The Author can be contacted through Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers.

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KC the Conscious Camel Puzzle Answers.

1 DOWN: feelings
2 DOWN: universe
3 DOWN : kindness
4 DOWN: affirmation
5 DOWN: meditating
6 DOWN: choice
7 DOWN: love
10 DOWN: breathing
11 DOWN: laugh
12 DOWN: mad
14 DOWN: friendship

4 ACROSS: awesome
8 ACROSS: sticky
9 ACROSS: inside
13 ACROSS: astonishing
15 ACROSS: energy
16 ACROSS: conscious