You See a Writer … We See an Author


You See a Writer … We See an Author

A publishing paradigm has evolved that shifts power away from publishers to writers. The roles traditional and vanity publishers once played as gatekeepers and arbiters are disappearing. Self-publishing, often called Indie publishing, is the new normal.

Jim McRobert, Bunbury author of novella Doing Good, realised self-publishing offered him the opportunity to produce a book he had worked on for almost 20 years. The joy of seeing his book in print has inspired him to write a follow-up, albeit this time it will take a lot less time with Pickawoowoo Publishing Group as a partner. “It’s a heady experience when you can create your own publication with the support of the Pickawoowoo team,” Jim enthused.

For Bridgetown’s Elizabeth Dennis, author of Horses Heartache and Healing, self-publishing went from last resort to first, and like Elizabeth, more and more writers are becoming independent (indie) and commercially successful authors. By 2020, self-published authors are tipped to account for 50 per cent of book sales.


Pickawoowoo’s award winning publishing company offers fully integrated print and digital distribution services with access to over 39,000 booksellers, online retailers and libraries around the world. The company helps authors’ connect to every major e-book retailer in the world – Amazon Kindle, iBooks and Kobo – as well as 70 emerging e-book retailers. When writers combine these services with Pickawoowoo’s online marketing and social networking tools – and the ability to self-fund their book project – a writer’s dream to be an author, or ‘authorpreneur’, becomes possible, practicable and pleasurable.

Self-publishing is more affordable than many realise. It is a wonderful option for authors whose books may have gone out of print, are tired of closed doors, or who wish to print small volumes rather than a garage full of books.

The team at Pickawoowoo make it hard to distinguish between traditional or self-published. They have become the industry bellwether by knowing what gives authors their best shot at success, pioneering low printing cost opportunities and by giving authors direct access to all royalties and rights.

Quality is Pickawoowoo’s mantra, as evidenced by their work and impressive list of awards, including last year’s South West Small Business of the Year.

Do you see a Writer or an Author?

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