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Capture the attention and interest of your readers.  A back cover copy and sales handle writing service ensures your book stands the best chance. Written by individuals, experienced in creating compelling back cover copy. By and large, this is the first connection where you have an opportunity to sell to your potential reader. The front cover compels them to stop. Meanwhile, the back cover will help make a buying decision from a book browser into a book buyer. Therefore, it is unfortunate most authors treat the cover as just a simple synopsis or a few words of praise. The back cover copy is the most important interaction you will have with your audience.

We start with your words and build a better sales handle and back cover copy.


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Our professional staff will create a sales handle for your book’s back copy. An all important first eye-grabbing line. Furthermore, a sales handle is a very brief description that covers what your book is. Why it’s compelling and different. The back cover copy comes after the sales handle. It sets up what the book will explore. For example, a comparison to a similar author (i.e. If you like John Grisham, you’ll love this book). The back cover copy is where you might introduce characters, setting, and plot. No spoilers! Of course it is different for Fiction and Non-Fiction.


Here is an example of back cover copy that our experienced team have assisted with.


Sales Handle: The Benefactors Monkey

The Benefactor’s Monkey. An edge-of-your-seat thriller, weaves a colourful tapestry of fact and fiction. The blend of descriptive imagery and factual ideas suggest how the New Death was born, and why. It leaves the reader thinking: “Could this really be true?”

Benefactors Monkey 

Back Copy: The Benefactors Monkey

In 1978 a deadly new virus arrived in war-torn Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). By 1980, local doctors referred to it as AIDS, however it was not identified in the American and French medical journals until 1983. This lapse in medical history begs the question, “Was the virus actually man made and released deliberately?”

The Benefactor’s Monkey involves spies and lies, and elicits the intrigue and bloodshed of the brutal terrorist war that took place in Rhodesia. However, as the fighting continued, those on both sides of the savage conflict faced another deadly threat, one that took all as prisoners and favoured none. By the time AIDS was officially recognised, the hostilities were nearly over, although this New Death went on to claim far more lives than the bullets, bombs, landmines and other implements of war.

Author Christopher Morten was one of the first to be told of the New Death, and The Benefactor’s Monkey is sensational representation of his knowledge. The plot moves quickly about the globe and exposes much of the Morten’s personal knowledge of Africa, gained over half a lifetime spent on that continent.

Despite a moving love story, this is not a “happy ending” book. The subject is far too dark for that, the forces far too intolerant. The tapestry itself, though drenched in blood, retains images of hope. The story line moves rapidly, building to a crescendo and a final quirk, further encouraging the question: “How much of this is true?”

“The Benefactor’s Monkey offers an hypothesis supporting the medical conspiracy theory based on the author’s extraordinary experiences in Africa.

If he’s right, then the current Ebola outbreak may be the second use of medical genocide to control the world’s soaring population.”