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Above all, give your Book /Ebook the benefit of our experience. Furthermore, if you are thinking of self-publishing your book then, first of all, why don’t you draw from our vast experience. Always happy to work with authors who, in particular, wish to self-publish their work (DIY). For this reason, Pickawoowoo is an Authorised Author Services Representative for IngramSpark / Lightning Source in Australia. We support many DIY authors (given we were one of the first to do POD overseas here in Australia).

Book Coaching questions call 1300 88 58 58


There is no doubt, we offer you personal assistance. Beginning with one-on-one support with our book coach from draft stage right through to distribution. We give you style guides and data on ISBN, barcodes and so forth.  We don’t take every necessary step for you. With this in mind, however, we do prompt you on how best to go about it to achieve your objectives, spare time and cash. Let’s make your book together.
As an author you have worked long and hard on the writing of your book. In the end, the last thing you want is to stumble or make some basic mistakes at the production stage. Generally, it is not only annoying but can be very costly for you. Moreover, help is close by. Contact us by email or phone, so you can organise a consultancy block (Bronze, Silver , Gold). Julie-Ann Harper (director/founder), is an award winning author, publisher and business woman.

Consultancy Service Blocks  start at $97.00 per hour (min 1 hr and paid up front upon commencement).  However, we are happy to speak with you first surrounding your particular needs).

Bronze: Up to 2 hours $194.00  (acquittal of this amount can be up to 3 months from first consultation)

Silver: Up to 5 hours $ 436.50 (10% discount) over 6 months duration (acquittal of this amount can be up to 6 months from first consultation)

Gold: Up to 10 hours $ 824.50 (15% discount) over 9 months duration (acquittal of this amount can be up to 9 months from first consultation)

Additionally, Pickawoowoo team members have worked in the book industry for some time. Many are successful authors in their own right. We know the information to assist self-publishing authors.

Our Authors’ dreams vary. From a few copies for friends and family to larger scale distribution to book stores. We have the experience and passion to guide you on a rewarding publishing experience.

Why do we offer a Self Publishing Consultancy Service – a personal book coach?

All in all, some Authors need a little guidance. They have, after all, already acquired the bare basics of the printing and production of a book. There is no doubt, writing a book is a very personal undertaking. Maintaining total control over something this special is important to some Authors and chiefly, to us.

Enrol with this service with Pickawoowoo. You’ll work one-on-one towards achieving the goals you set for your self-published book.

The distinction between this service and others is that it is completely independent.  As a consequence, we do not make recommendations on guiding you to a service or package where we get any form of remuneration.  Our service after all, understands industry knowledge. We wish to pass this understanding onto you, to help you find appropriate avenues for your book.  We take no kick-backs from any layout designer, editor, printer or anyone else. A completely unbiased and impartial service. Your requirements drive the advice and recommendations we offer.

The essence of this consultancy service is that we work together to achieve the goals you have for the creation of your book.

Making Contact: When you ask us a question, you get options. Instructions on exactly what is available – and how it to do it.

You Keep Control:  You benefit from our wide experience in book publishing. Above all, you as the author, get to keep complete control of the way your work ends up.

What type of questions can I ask? Ask us whatever you need to know.
  • What is an ISBN, do I need one and where can I get one from?
  • Do I need a BARCODE and who can I purchase it from?
  • I require an editor, can you help?
  • What formats are best for my book?
  • How do I layout my book (or ebook)?
  • Who can I get to do my Cover design and about what will the cost be?
  • Do you suggest I go POD (print-on-demand) or trade /commercial printing?
  • Who can I distribute through?
  • Are testimonials important and where do I go to get one?
  • Legal deposits?
  • The best publicity and promotional activities for my book?
  • What is customs clearance for?
  • What are the cheapest ways to transport my books within Australia?
  • And so forth…
Where is Pickawoowoo? For the most part, we work from Australia, but do not limit our help to only Australian authors. In fact many of our Authors are based in the US and UK. Your location does not change the quality of the service we provide. Email or Skype is the main form of our communications.

Every author is driven by an inner desire

Collaborative Publishing: An author may choose to use the ISBN and imprint of an established book publisher. Often called Vanity Publishers. In the end, the main reason for this is to be seen as a published Author, rather than a Self Published Author.

Have Questions

In summary, this is a one on one personalised consultancy service or as some authors say ‘my own book coach’.  Ask us anything before you decide to take up any of the consultancy packages outlined above. We effectively want to ensure you are completely at ease with any decisions you make.