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A book cover design should be completely original and customized.
Our creative team understand what it takes to make a book sell. Your book is many things. In turn, it acts as your shop window so it must have impact for the public to want to buy.
Authors are not marketing experts. Some will often overlook critical items necessary for book sales. Whatever your book genre, the cover, at first glance is noticed before a reader even opens to page.
It needs to look professional. Compliments your authorship. Engage your reader. Convey the content of your book and create the sale.


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cover design - Chakra Mindset

With this in mind, your book is judged by its cover. Regardless of the quality of the work inside, sales will reflect that judgement.
Creating an eye-catching cover is one of the best things you can do for your Book and EBook. Many authors believe that the EBook and printed Book covers should be the same. This is not true. Whilst some of the methodologies remain the same, how the Books can be very different. A Book should work for both print and EBook.
The Print on Demand (POD) covers are only ever viewed as a 25% thumbnail online (as is an EBook). Therefore the rules for cover designs need to ensure that any cover will stand out on the crowded digital Bookshelves. Our experienced cover designers know how, if you need them. Usually we begin by creating two completely original book cover design concepts for your book.
Then, we work with you on revisions on the book cover design you like best. Once you approve the final book cover design, you own the 100% of the book cover layout and all the artwork. This gives you freedom to do anything you want with it. Print posters to publishing your book with another company.
Pickawoowoo Publishing Group has a professional in-house designer. We also have professional freelancers to ensure we create the highest quality book cover designs. Below are a few of the fantastic book cover designs that we’ve created for our authors:



Standard $295

cover design - Chakra Mindset

  • Original treatment from one of our cover designers (based on your specs)
  • These can be template generated in some instance
  • Up to 3 revisions allowed
  • 1 graphic element (photograph, graphic image, or visual treatment of text) to be provided by you or Pickawoowoo book designer.

Premium $395

  • Complete custom and original premium treatment from one of our designers
  • 3 revisions allowed (i.e. work with the designer to tweak)
  • Up to 3 graphic elements (photographs, graphic images, or visual treatments of text) to be provided by Pickawoowoo book designer or You.
  • We will provide 2 design options early on before going ahead with the final design. We develop a concept, customise it and then refine with you.

Advanced Cover – Digital Artist $697

The Advanced Cover Design.  Laid out by a professional digital or Book artist/cover designer.
Furthermore, the Book / EBook cover sells the story. Your cover has 2-3 seconds to make an impression on your reader. Convince him or her to pick up your Book and consider reading or purchasing it.
For example, more than 4.5 million Book titles are available in print. The Book cover design can be the single most important item in making the Book stand out from the plethora of others. At the same time, determining its success. If you are seeking the WOW factor, then we would recommend a complete original Advanced Cover Design Package.
  • Completely custom orientated based on your specs with digital driven artwork – unique, original and relevant.
  • Professional Book cover designer to create something truly exceptional. Digital Image Art allows you to reach out and grab the reader and make them want to read what is inside.
  • 3 revisions allowed (i.e. work with the designer to tweak)
  • We will provide 2 design options early on before going ahead with the final design. We develop a concept, customise it and then refine with you.