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Ebooks.  First of all, to bring your book to the widest possible audience, you need to convert it to eBook and make it available to the online Kindle market and beyond. Our team of conversion specialists will make this a simple process.  Therefore, you will hear more about eBook formats in the coming months as publishing moves in an increasingly digital direction.


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Every author’s dream is different. Right now we’re seeing a flood of new writers realising their dreams. They are hobbyists sharing their expertise. Businesses who advance their sales and marketing goals see the benefits of going digital with their backlist. Furthermore, it’s clear to the authorpreneur, with the democratisation of technology, it is putting power and profit back into the hands and pockets of writers.
Books in an electronic format (E-Books) is the next generation of books. Quickly becoming a popular way for readers to enjoy fiction and nonfiction books.  In fact, depending on whom you ask, they are definitely seen as the way of the future. Pickawoowoo offers you a full suite of digital fulfilment services. Ranging from converting your Print PDF design files. Through to fixed layout ebooks to help you secure E-book delivery through any e-platform such as IngramSpark.
  • Create E-Books from:

    • PDF
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe In-design
    • Adobe Page Maker
    • HTML
    • Hardcover

  • E-Book Conversions for:

    • Apple Ipad
    • Amazon Kindle
    • Barnes & Noble nook
    • Kobo
    • Sony Reader
    • Iphone
    • Lightning Source / IngramSpark
    • Smashwords

  • Our Service:

    • E-Books for Ipad, Kindle & Nook
    • Fixed Layout eBooks
    • ePub 3.0
    • Kindle Children’s E-Books
    • Kindle Comic E-Books
    • Nook Kid’s E-Books
    • Maths E-Books
    •  Audio and Video E-Books

Once your book’s designed, it’s formatted as an E-book, so you can reach even more readers. Your new readers can take your book with them wherever they go without having to carry a physical copy of your book. Imagine a world where one device will carry hundreds of books (including yours).  As a result, we can set you up  with either Lightning Source / IngramSpark / CreateSpace / Lulu, based on your e-book choices.  Finally, this will allow you to retain 100% of all royalties earned – on each E-Book sold. In addition, E-Books recommended retail price is far less expensive than printed books. The royalty fee is not that high…yet the upside is that you’ve reached far more people so it does tend to balance itself out.




  Layout of Ebook


Our E-Book conversion service is a core of what we do here at Pickawoowoo.  Therefore, what makes our conversion services better than other companies out there? It is hard to decipher in the market place a professional E-Book conversion service. There are thousands of E-Book Conversion companies in the market that are using automated software (what we call meatgrinders). This attracts the unsuspecting author due to its low cost structure. As a result, it is often unprofessional and so, more time and money is required to fix this ‘meatgrinder approach’.




Our pricing model is straight forward and our e-technicians undertake everything manually.


For Fiction & Non-Fiction :


$1.50 -$1.95/per page (for .epub /.mobi) (Minimum fee $150) Discounts for Multiple Format Conversions


Additional Costs (If Applicable) :


  • Tables are charged separately as $2.50 to $3.50 per table depending upon complexity.
  • Indexes are charged at $10 for 25 indexes (Indexes are available at end of the book). Indexes are only charged if you ask for linking otherwise it is free.


Our service includes:


  1. Conversion into foundational XHTML designed specifically for the E-Book formats you choose
  2. Linked table of contents
  3. Creation and linking of an active Table of Contents in the text of the E-Book
  4. Your cover image properly re-sized and embedded (cover design not included)
  5. Images are perfectly optimised and embedded.
  6. Optimisation of images and other internal graphical elements
  7. Hyperlinks to other websites
  8. Footnotes/endnotes formatted as E-Book endnotes and linked
  9. 100% ready to upload files.


Benefits of our E-Conversion Service :


  1. You own all final files
  2. We’ve been doing this along time but we can provide free sample work if required
  3. 100% manual conversion guaranteed
  4. We ensure the entire PDF/Manuscript is the same output E-Book exactly matches that of PDF/Original Version of your manuscript.
  5. We triple check the output before we deliver files to you
  6. Superior customer support. We are only a phone call or email away
  7. Free life time warranty for E-Books created by us should there ever be any concerns
  8. We will gladly undertake any modifications or corrections at minimal costs
  9. Quick turnaround time (Not more than 7 days unless the book involves complex formatting).




Have you a lot of images? Fixed layout may be for you.


Fixed Layout costs just $350 for conversion for up to 40 pages. Add $3.50 per page for additional pages.


Fixed Layout is a way of formatting an E-Book so that the text and images inside the book are aligned exactly how you want them to be whereas most E-Books allow the text and images to flow in a dynamic way (linear), so as to best take advantage of the differing specifications of the various eBooks. Fixed layout essentially “fixes” the images and text in one place.


Does your eBook need Fixed Layout?

Children’s picture / illustrated books are the best example. They require the text and images to be laid out in a specific alignment to each other (e.g. text overlap with images).,

Typically, these books are also good candidates for a Fixed Layout conversion for your E-Book.


  1. Cookbooks
  2. Coffee table books
  3. Graphic novels
  4. Illustrated children’s books
  5. Textbooks and technical manuals


Fixed Layout eBook format also work great with :


  1. Multi-column text
  2. Illustrations or artistic photography
  3. Ratios of the size of text/image which must not change
  4. Colours which must be true to the paper version
  5. Full page fixed layout rendering that mirrors the printed book page design.
  6. Custom font support in scalable vector format.
  7. Read aloud with autoplay


Although Fixed Layout files take more time to create, our e-technical experts will create a beautiful, fully-functional E-Book that will look exactly the way you want it to.

Your book can be converted into fixed-layout E-Book formats for the following retailers:


  • Apple – Fixed-Layout ePUB produced for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices
  • Amazon – Kf8 for Kindle devices
  • Amazon – Kindle Comic Books for Kindle devices
  • Barnes & Noble – Kids books for Nook Colour

How it works:


  1. IMPORTANT: You must upload your book file as a high resolution PDF so our e-technical experts can convert your high-resolution PDF files into an eBook with a Fixed Layout designed.
  2. Fixed Layout conversions take up to 15 business days to complete. We will then send you the final e-pub file. Once you have your file you can organise to distribute your eBook (we can assist if necessary).
  3. If you require us to change the copyright page of your PDF file so it incorporates your Electronic Book ISBN then this will incur an additional charge of $35.00


Need help?


Not sure if Fixed Layout is for you? Call one of our customer service representatives at our Western Australia office to discuss your project. We can return your call if necessary. Contact 1300 88 5858. We Skype many of our international authors so if this is your preferred method please advise