If you want to publish a high-quality book, you simply MUST edit your manuscript. Experienced authors will already understand the need for a thorough edit before publishing their work. Is it enough to have just your family look over it? No is the answer. No one will take you or your book seriously if it is riddled with errors.

An interesting story can be manifested into a masterpiece when a professional editor takes your narrative and crafts it into a technically and grammatically strong piece of writing. This will give you a crucial advantage when positive reviews ensure and documented (on Amazon, Goodreads etc) … thus supporting sales and reinforcing your author profile.


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The books you see in the bookstores by trade publishers have undergone at a minimum three level of edits and a final proof read after the designer has typeset your book. It is the publisher’s job to make sure the finished article is the best it can be.

We prefer to provide authors with up to 3 quotes on the manuscript and on some occasions the editor will in fact edit a few pages to show you their editing style. All our editors are sensitive towards ensuring the authors voice is retained in the editing process. There is nothing worse than having an editor take ownership of the manuscript and change the authors voice.

Our editors are experienced professionals who welcome the opportunity to assist you in your self publishing journey. They work via the Internet in Microsoft Word and use track changes, which means you will have the final say (reject or accept the change). Essentially, we make the process easy and affordable and give you the peace of mind that your book will meet industry standards and be the best it can be.

If we are in the process of designing your book, notice a multitude of errors, we will advise you of our findings and will give you the opportunity to rectify. As a self-published author, YOU are the publisher, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your book meets a professional standard and we are more than happy to help.

As a guide here are our editing services but we prefer to discuss this with you before any decisions are made to ensure we can give you savings wherever possible. If for any reason you believe an edit is unjustified and would prefer a PROOF READ only…to ensure your book is print ready, then we can accommodate your request.


Editing Agreement


Written agreements are standard business practice. In the editorial context, they serve to prevent misunderstandings or unfairness by ensuring that an editor and the author clarify assumptions and acknowledge all fees/expenses, deadlines and conditions before work begins. When an author asks our editors to undertake an editing project, both parties enter a legal relationship, and it is in both parties’ interest to specify the terms of that relationship in writing. We have therefore provided you with our standard freelance editorial agreement so you can see all conditions and therefore there are no surprises.. Schedule A clearly defines various editorial activities so that the editor and the client can agree unambiguously on the work to be done. We want to work with authors harmoniously so the more you know upfront, the better.


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Copy Editing – Standard


If you want to publish a high-quality Book /EBook, you simply MUST edit your manuscript. Investing in an editor is the best way to improve your Book / EBook, and our proof, copy and content editors are here to help. After we work on your manuscript using track changes you will receive a clean copy for the designers.

Copy Editing. Editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, verb tenses, transitions, word phrasing and other mechanics of style; checking for clarity of writing; basic comments and feedback – regarding overall writing style, flow of presentation and initial impressions by the editor.


Copy and Content Editing (Structural)

All features of the Standard copy edit plus:

  • Highlighting sentences that require reworking, when necessary (using word track which will give you the opportunity to agree or disagree).


  1. Improve word choice, transitions or fluency
  2. Eliminate excess words, confusing statements, generalisations or mixed metaphors
  3. Mark material that could be considered libelous, slanderous, sexist, prejudiced, possibly obscene or dated


  • Reviewing – of the plot / character elements for consistency in fiction / non-fiction works. Where necessary query the author with text/sentence suggestions and improvements
  • Technical, medical, science or math editorial conventions will be followed as per client guidelines
  • Fact check if necessary
  • Create a ‘Table of Contents’ if requested


Other Editing Services provided:


  • Developmental/Project Editing.
  • Fact Checking/Citation Checking/Reference Checking.
  • Formatting (Desktop Publishing).
  • Indexing Services
  • Mark-Up/Electronic Coding/Tagging.
  • Permissions.
  • Picture Research.
  • Production Co-ordination.
  • Proofreading.
  • Rewriting.
  • Stylistic Editing.


If you purchase editing services from the Pickawoowoo Publishing Group, your editor will be marking up your manuscript using the Track Changes feature found in Microsoft Word. Track Changes will enable you as the author to manage and review any changes that were made during the editing process. This enables you to keep your ‘authors voice’ by confirming or adjusting any additions, deletions, and queries that your editor has recommended and  to ensure your manuscript is ready for publication.

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