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 Pickawoowoo’s Author Services & the world’s Number 1 Indie Publishing Platform – IngramSpark.
Above all, you want to produce a professional-level, commercial product. Pickawoowoo can assist with a range of services.  Each decidedly structured to suit your needs. We offer two publishing solutions briefly outlined below. We work in conjunction with the Ingram Content Group. Our print-on-demand and global printing and distribution partner.



The CUSTOMISED self publishing approach

Many of our authors know what they want. They may have one or two specific tasks in mind so a customised quote is for them.
We can provide an upfront, line-item quote for any pre-publication work. Whether it is a cover design or a proofread, a complete internal layout, or a full copy edit. After all, you only pay for the services you need help with.  We assist you to independently publish with IngramSpark. We set you up as the publisher. In other words, you are in full command of your royalties and the management of your title. In addition you purchase your books at printers’ cost. Not to mention, full distribution worldwide.
As an IngramSpark author you will receive a 10% reduction on all service fees. 

To discuss your needs call 1300 88 58 58 click here  Insert Quote



Premium Publishing Package (PPP) :20 steps to a professional product

If you want guidance and support through all stages of the pre-publication process, we can assist you. Specifically, to independently publish with IngramSpark.  As industry leaders, we work with you to produce and publish your book to the highest quality publishing standards.  All in all, we want you to feel proud for what you have achieved.
Ingram has an expansive retail network. Your book is available to readers, via physical and online booksellers all over the world.
PPP is a turnkey project solution. With this in mind, it puts you in full command of your royalties and the management of your title.  Particularly when purchasing your books at cost. Pickawoowoo creates your book/ebook title.  We then set you up, as the publisher, on the Dashboard of your own IngramSpark account.   We’ll coach you on how to use the IngramSpark platform, if need be. When you’re ready, we’ll hand over the reins to you to manage your own publishing journey.

To discuss Premium Publishing Package call 1300 88 58 58

20 step publishing package

  1. An introduction to the world of independently publishing with an award-winning publishing business.
  2. Book / Marketing / Coaching. Provision of two (2) hours with your personal book and marketing coach.  (utilised over 6 months via phone/skype/email). ($197).
  3. Start working with your own book consultant for each of the publishing processes.
  4. We arrange purchasing  10 ISBNs with Thorpe Bowker in your name. (AUS clients only) valued at $236 ($97 admin fee + $139 AUS for ISBN & registration).  Otherwise, you can bring your own ISBN and we can refund this component.
  5. Format and clean the clutter from your word document.
  6. A professional Edit Assessment (value $300).  Highlighting edit requirements and suggestions. Up to 10 000 words assessed to give you an idea of edit requirements.  You choose any further editing via us or a third party, if required.
  7. Once editing is complete. We double-check the formatting to ensure all is clean and ready for designers.
  8. Work with our book consultant on your design package: includes Print Book and Ebook – Customised Design (no templates).

Customised premium cover design – Two style options. Each book is different, therefore we research your specific genre and create 2 unique versions of your cover.  We provide a checklist to ensure all elements of your cover design is accurate and presentation ‘to spec’.

Customised interior design – Two styles to select from.  We take into account the author’s style, book genre and expectations. Our design team will layout every page to ensure great design. A checklist provided to you ensures accuracy of your interior design before uploading to IngramSpark.

 Ebooks – designed and customised for both epub and kindle formatting. Ensuring a professional product (not an automated tool with unprofessional results).

  1. We provide Low resolution PDF’s to ensure layout accuracy during design. One round of free author alterations (checklist provided) to catch any last minute changes.
  2. Provision of all final source files (InDesign). Specifically you have 100% ownership of all your files. You can then make alterations / revisions / new editions in the future.
  3. IngramSpark set-up. We’ll assist in the set up of your account, title details and metadata. Transfer your book’s files into your own IngramSpark account.


            FREE Title Setup at IngramSpark (a $50 saving)!


  1. In addition, provide you with an electronic proof created by Ingram for final check (checklists provided to help).
  2. Organise 2 Advance copies (printed proofs) of your book, for final proofread/review. You can request revisions if necessary, before the book goes into distribution for general sale.
  3. Place an order for 20 copies of standard paperback on approval of Advance Copy.
  4. Coach you around pricing and wholesale decisions for your book and any last minute questions on how fulfilment of orders occur.
  5. Organise full print and digital distribution through the IngramSpark platform. Ingram’s expansive channel network of bookstores, library suppliers, and wholesalers all over the world.
  6. Ensure 100% author royalties, otherwise referred to as ‘Publisher Compensation’. Includes all print and digital sales via the retail/channel market.
  7. Inclusion in Ingram’s online catalogue ($60US), if desired.
  8. Provide a comprehensive PDF instruction booklet for managing the IngramSpark dashboard.
  9. Professional books need a professional marketing program. To kick start the marketing we offer:

Media Kit. The ‘Author Media Kit’ templates. Designed to impress journalists, bloggers, reviewers, agents, audience members, buyers—even big publishers.

Our award winning PDF booklet on ‘How to create an Author platform’.

bonus-burst-red-001Our IngramSpark authors will also receive:

  • A 10% discount for IngramSpark authors to all final quotes and packages!
  • FREE Marketing Gifts. A file package valued over $350. Includes:
  • a web banner
  • 3D cover image
  • High Res front cover
  • Low Res front cover,
  • Full preview PDF (for Amazon /Google search inside),
  • Part preview PDF (for sales opportunities/sell sheet).
  • FREE hardback file of your book, great for book launches (upload fees do apply if you wish us to upload to Ingram)
  • Lifetime support. We offer support via book coaching. You are a part of our family of authors and therefore have a partner for life. We are only a phone call or email away.



A self-publishing package starts at around $3,995 (AUS) +gst for a B&W standard fiction paperback (up to 70,000 words).  Complex layouts may be higher than package price but this will always be discussed with you before proceeding.

Less words or simple layouts, including children’s books, may be priced lower depending on the specifications.

Essentially our pricing system is determined by

  • Client’s wishes
  • book format (fiction/educational/ children’s book etc)
  • the number of words
  • the quality and complexity of the design work
  • how much inline styling or enhanced formatting is required
    • Numbered or bullet lists
    • Equations
    • Tables
    • Poetry
    • More images than text
    • Text borders
    • Shaded boxes
    • Sidebars
    • Call-out quotes

Why pay extra for these features? Because of their complex nature, it will require additional time with more in-depth designing during the layout process.

We promise to provide you upfront with a line-item estimate detailing all costs for pre-publication work.

Contact us at or call 1300 88 58 58.  We look forward to being of publishing service.