Is it important to market your book?

Marketing your book is the new chapter in the life of your book. Furthermore, a lot of authors overlook the importance of why they, the author, wanted to write their message or story in the first place. Was it to help others, inspire others or just a good read to sit with on a Sunday afternoon.


After months, if not years of  getting your manuscript to a published book is a journey in itself.  I’m sure at this stage, you’re thinking I’m not sure if I have the energy to climb another mountain.  The mountain of Book Marketing.


You know The truth. Your book will not sell if you are not the one driving the opportunties to share its contents with everyone.


There are a lot of stories out there. With this in mind, know also that readers want to read from authors with substance. They want authors, everyday people like you and me, who inspire them, learn something from them or be entertained. Author Branding is a good place to start to figure out what or if you want to pursue this direction. Download the Online Marketing PDF for more information to give you some ideas of what is involved in marketing your book online.


Author Branding is your identity with your book that sets you apart from other authors. We ,as people, like to see who we are reading.  Once readers perceive the image of your identity, they can associate with you and with your work. Create the image that makes your book stand out on the shelf.  Download our social media marketing pdf to find ways to stand out from the crowd (other authors).


Marketing Delivers The Story You Wrote to MANY


If your book is unknown, it will, by and large, be gone with the wind. Build a stronger connection with your readers through marketing. Marketing is a platform for you to create whatever level of awareness you are comfortable with. What you want is to get the word out. Remember the old saying, “start local, finish global”.


Keep people inspired. The words you have written, rewritten and rewritten are there to help someone.  Someone who just needed to read – those words. Your words.


Creating your Author Branding and associated publicity is the main purpose of marketing. Gain more sales by creating your Author Branding and publicity.


Remember – You are the Product. You Wrote It.