Amazon® Author Promotion Program

Cost: $497



What’s Included?

– Complete Amazon author profile setup, including: author photo, author bio, bibliography, etc.
– Three Goodreads Listopia lists which feature your book

An Amazon listing alone does not guarantee visibility. Simply having your book listed isn’t enough. Our Amazon Author Promotion Program is designed to increase the visibility of your book on Amazon.


More about the Amazon Author Promotion Program

Amazon Author Profile –

To kick off the process, we create an Amazon author profile that helps establish credibility within the Amazon community. This is important as an Amazon user/reader visits your author page, they will have a one-stop place to view your book, study your bio, view photos and more. When you log into your Amazon author account, you can will also view your detailed sales information for your book.



Goodreads Listopia Lists –

Next, we create three Goodreads Listopia lists designed specifically to help readers seek out your book based on their reading interests. The Listopia lists are made up of your book as well as 6–8 related, popular titles. As an example, if an author has a thrilling mystery novel, one list title could be “Best ‘spine tingling ’ thriller novel yet”. Goodreads is owned by and is the #1 online social media website dedicated to books. With your title featured in several Goodreads’ lists, word about your book will spread. Goodreads also has a direct link to your book’s Amazon page, encouraging readers to buy it from