Author Branding Package

Cost: $1,697




What’s Included?

– Customised Facebook Author Page

– Customised Twitter Page

– Goodreads Page

– Goodreads Advertising Campaign

– Online Media Exposure*

– Amazon Author Promotion Program

– Basic Hootsuite Subscription

*The Online Media Exposure Program requires authors to have a website.

Have you ever wondered what makes readers race out and buy the latest books from authors such as Nora Roberts. Wilbur Smith or J.K. Rowling? Two important words: Author Branding.

An important marketing strategy that ever author should implement is to develop an author brand as part of their author platform. It is what distinguishes you from other authors in the market and identifies you and your work. Your brand communicates to readers what type of reading experience they may receive when they purchase your book. Named authors like those mentioned have their brand established and are so successful that readers purchase their latest books based on their past experiences.

At Pickawoowoo Publishing Group our Author Branding Package helps authors take that initial leap into establishing their brand. This online service that we’ve bundled together will build your brand with social media marketing and allows authors to increase their books spotlight as part of their author platforms.


More about the Author Branding Package

Facebook and Twitter Page Creation –

For this service we begin by creating customised Facebook and Twitter author pages that are similar in design which is essential to give a cohesive brand experience. Design components in these pages may include factors such as your book cover or author photo or even your publishing logo. Making these sites uniform and keeping them similar to your author brand ensures possible readers can locate and identify you on these social media sites.Furthermore, the development of your Facebook and Twitter pages, we include a basic Hootsuite subscription, which allows you to manage your pages from one site and schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts in advance . Lastly, we include two ebook downloads (Facebook for Authors and Twitter for Authors) as our gift. These are the latest reference guides for you to review on how to use Facebook and Twitter as an author – helping you to create awareness and promote your book.



Goodreads Page Creation –

Next in the branding phase is the development of your Goodreads page. If your book is not already on Goodreads, we will add it to the site. If your book is listed on Goodreads, we will review the page to ensure it is optimised for your brand. To this end, we can add your author website URL, edition, characters, series, book settings, etc. We will also create your Goodreads Author Account where we can share as little or as much information with potential readers as you’d like. This may include your ‘About the Author’ information, favourite quotes, books you’re reading and much more. When we launch your Goodreads presence, we will conduct a Goodreads Giveaway of three copies of your book, increasing your book’s exposure to readers on the site.



Goodreads Advertising Campaign –

Once we have developed your Goodreads page, you will receive a Goodreads Advertising Campaign where we will create 4–6 ads for your book that will be displayed on Goodreads to your target audience. This is excellent exposure for you and your book because Goodreads users are always searching for new books and are people who are book lovers who love to read. The niche audience for your book will be based on certain factors such as a reader’s preferred genre, gender and age and even their location. You choose how much you want to spend on advertising, and our advertising specialists will create and manage the ads for you.


Online Media Exposure Program –

An important facet of the branding package is the Online Media Exposure program. Here, we jump-start traffic to your author website by submitting your website to over 40 search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), as well as listing your book information on 10 social media and social bookmarking websites.



Amazon Author Promotion Program –

Finally, you will receive our Amazon Author Promotion Program to increase the visibility and enhance exposure of your book on Amazon. The first requirement is to create an Amazon Author Central account where we include an author photo, author bio and bibliography. This information will align with other author information on the web including your website, social media pages and Goodreads page. We then create three Goodreads Listopia lists where your book is featured alongside other well-known books in your genre. And in final stages we complete your book’s Shelfari page with all book information requirements including synopsis, characters, first sentence, quotes and more.



Benefits of an Author Brand –

Creating an author brand will not only help readers identify you and your book, it will distinguish you from the competition and build a lasting platform for you as an author / author platform. Thank you for allowing us to help you take the first steps in establishing your author brand!