Book Trailers

Cost: $1,197


What’s Included?

   – Creative questionnaire to determine the direction, feel and general content of the book trailer

   – One –Two minute preview cut of book trailer

   – One round of revisions to book trailer preview cut

   – One –Two minute finalised book trailer

   – Your book trailer uploaded to YouTube channel, your website, and social media sites of your choice.

NOTE: The cost of media needed to make the trailer (authorised stock images, music, and video) are not included in the cost of this service as they vary immensely and therfore must be paid for by the author. A media cost estimate will be provided to the author before commencement of final trailer edit.

Just like a good movie trailer can create a buzz around a new film well before it is released, a book trailer has become one of the most productive marketing tools available and can serve as a great marketing tool to generate pre-release interest in your book. Using images, music, text and video we create a one- to two-minute book trailer that gives away just enough about your book. Seeing is believing! Help people see why they should purchase your book! How? On an exciting one-minute video.