Digital Book Reviewer Service

Cost $599

What’s Included?

– Your book can be available to 70,000 plus reviewers for one month

– Fulfilment of all bookstore, media or library requests

– Weekly updates on requests and reviews

– A campaign summary end report

Technology is constantly changing and improving how we interact connect and undertake business with others throughout the world. Through today’s technology, the authorpreneur is able to gain additional exposure for their books, reaching additional readers and reviewers than ever before. The Digital Book Reviewer Service allows authors to save money on printing, postage or shipping books to reviewers – it can all be completed online.


More about the Digital Book Reviewer Service

What is the Digital Book Reviewer Service? –

Rather than reaching out to individual bloggers and media outlets to request a review of your book, we add your book to an online database utilised by such publishers as Hachette Book Group, Penguin Random House, Sourcebooks and more. This platform is for people who recommend books. With more than 70,000 booksellers, media, librarians. educators, reviewers and bloggers each can request a digital copy to read and review new books on their e-reading device, even before they are published. Once our marketing publicists approves the request, the reviewers can download an electronic copy of your book, plus marketing and promotional information, such as cover image and all of the additional book information needed by the reviewer.



Reviewer Requests –

Digital galleys can be read on all major reading devices and tablets and are protected files that cannot be shared. Therefore, after your book has been uploaded into the database it will be live for one month.
Requests by the reviewers for your book can be made at any time during this one month period. On completion of this time frame, the title will be archived and no more requests can be made. Any reviewers who requested and downloaded your book onto their reading device will still be able to review it at any time after the archive date. This means you may see reviews come in after the month is over.



Overview –

On completion of the one month period, we will provide you with a summary report that includes all of the reviews your book has received from the media outlets. Should any librarians or booksellers advise that they will stock your book in their library or store, we can advise you of this also. We will not vet the reviews and will provide you all reviews received during coverage in the Digital Book Reviewer Program. Once you receive these it is your choice as to how you would like to promote the review information regarding your book!