Online Media Exposure

Cost: $297



What’s Included?

– Basic keyword research for 8-10 keywords relating to your book – used to tag posts and articles

– Submission of your website to over 40 major search engines

– Submission of your website and book information to 10 major social media and social bookmarking websites

– Website analytics

This program is a great way to kick start traffic to your author website. It also allows you to learn about the most useful social media websites for authors. For inclusion into search engine search results, the search engine needs to know that your website exists – otherwise how do people even know it is there. This service therefore allows us to submit your website information to over 40 search engines … which makes it available to every major search engine immediately.


More about the Online Media Exposure Service

What is the point of keyword research?

Authors website must compete with millions of other websites (including other authors) for search engine ranking, it is important to spend valuable time marketing to people who may be interested in your book. We therefore assess and create relevant keywords when we post your book online. This improves your chances of being visible in search results both in social media sites and search engines. The aim of course is to get your book in front of highly targeted prospective customers.


Why use back links?

Once the bee all and end all of website campaigns backlinks were an effective method for increasing the talk around your website. Google has wizened up to the automated software to create backlinks but still reputable backlinks created on social media sites and then linked back to your website are important. External links are interpreted by many search engines as approval of the content on your website. Essentially search engines still reward websites that have higher search result rankings part of which is based on these link endorsements. The Online Media Exposure Program creates verifiable external links to your author website by creating interesting posts that introduce your book through the ten most active social media and social bookmarking websites.



Website Analytics

As part of the Online Media Exposure Service we will set up a website analytics program for your website which will help you see the results and track website visitors. Analytics show you how the visitors arrived at your site, what pages they viewed, how long they stayed and more. This type of information is important as it can give you a better understanding of how people arrived at your website and what they are undertaking on your pages.