Cost: $297

Our online marketing experts will set up your Amazon author profile, 10 keyword tags for your book on Shelfari , create 3 Goodreads Listopia lists to help readers. All of which will help your book become more visible and stand out from the crowd on Amazon.


What’s Included?

– Custom-designed Facebook author page for your book

– Two rounds of page revisions

– Social media planning template

– Facebook for Authors ebook download

– Marketo cheat sheet

Creating a Facebook author page is the first step to promoting your book on the world’s largest social media network. Unlike a personal Facebook page, your Facebook author page will be designed specifically around you and your book. A professional looking Facebook author page will allow you to start building an online social media presence for your book that will go some way to establishing credibility with potential readers. Through this page, you can announce book signings, link to your book’s sales page and interact directly with your fans.


The Customised Facebook Page Facebook Author Page Creation –

nitially, we create a Facebook author page for your book using your book cover, author photo (if you wish) and biography. Using design elements from these elements allows us to create a professional-looking page where readers will easily identify you and your brand. You receive two rounds of revisions to make ensure we have the chance of incorporating your feedback into the design.


Social Media Planner –

You can organise your Facebook posts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through the social media planning template. This easy-to-use planner lets you fill in the blanks so you can execute well-planned social media campaigns. Professional marketers plan in advance how and when to post, which helps create a cohesive campaign. Managing a social media page on a regular – say weekly basis – becomes much easier when you can spend just five minutes selecting and posting content you have already developed. This template provides a simple and effective system for managing social media content.


Personal Facebook Account –

We ask all authors to sign up for a personal Facebook account during this process if they do not have one. The Facebook author page is first created in our account and we transfer the management of the page to you. If you already have a personal account, you can manage your Facebook page from that account as well. Remember, you just need a Facebook account; you don’t have to have a public-facing personal profile. The sign up process takes about two minutes and can be done at:


Facebook for Authors ebook download –

We provide you with the most up to date ebook on this topic for authors at time of purchase of this service. Here you will find tips for getting started on Facebook, managing your page and effectively marketing books on Facebook – in short, how to get the most out of your Facebook author page (Our Gift).


Cost: $497


What’s Included?

– $200 in advertising

– Ad management for the length of the initial campaign

– Three ad groups, each having 1–3 ads

– Option to continue the campaign and have us manage the ads, or have ad management transferred over to you

Use the power of Facebook Advertising to get your book in front of potential readers on Facebook. Pickawoowoo will help find your core audience on Facebook based on their ages, locations and profile interests. The benefit of using Facebook to advertise is that the message can be targeted to specific audiences. Facebook allows us to deliver advertising to users with specific profile interests so we are sure your book gets in front of the people most likely to select your title.


About the Facebook Advertising Campaign Facebook Ad Creation –

After we have researched and determined your target audience, we will compose specific ads for your book that will be displayed on Facebook. These ads will be visible only to the potential readers we have determined to be a good fit for your book. Every time someone clicks on one of your ads they will be directed to your book’s Facebook page (or your author website) and an advertising fee will be incurred. The first $200 of advertising is included in this service, though you are free to add more to your advertising budget if you wish.


Directing your Facebook Ads –

While it is recommended to keep the traffic within Facebook, you have the option of having the advertising redirect to your website instead. This is a good option for authors who want to generate a buzz for their book using targeted Facebook traffic but do not wish to engage with their customers directly via social networks.


Who manages the Ad after the campaign? –

After the $200 worth of advertising has been spent, we can either manage the account for a monthly fee or you can assume the management of your ads. While a Facebook page for your book is not required to participate in this service, it is recommended. If you do not have one, you can create a page at, purchase our Customised Facebook Author Page Service, or choose to have the advertisements direct people back to your author website.


Cost: $297


What’s Included?

– Two rounds of design revisions

– Twitter page for your book with a stylized background

– Marketo cheat sheet

– Social media planner

– Tweetdeck Account

– Twitter for Authors download (our gift)

Twitter is an effective tool to stay in touch and keep fans up-to-date on your latest projects and developments. Design your Twitter page to reflect your book so potential fans can find and follow you easily. At Pickawoowoo Publishing Group, we develop customised Twitter pages for authors to help them better establish themselves on Twitter.


More about the customised Twitter Page

Author Twitter Page –

Let us set up and design your Twitter page with a customised, themed background. To ensure your feedback is incorporated into the final design. We afford two rounds of design revisions to your page, free of charge, to incorporate any changes you make into the final design. The result will be a professional and polished Twitter page for your book. We also provide you with a unique Twitter “handle”, which is commonly structured: @authorname. If your name is unavailable or does not fit, we will work with you to provide alternative options.



Social Media Planner –

The social media planner helps you organise your tweets for a daily, weekly, or monthly posting schedule. This easy-to-use planner allows you to fill in the blanks so you can execute well-planned social media campaigns. Investing time upfront on planning how and when you post makes managing your page for an extended period much easier. On the day you want to post you simply spend five minutes selecting and posting content from your pre-filled template. This template is a simple yet effective tool to manage social media content.


Twitter for Authors – As well as creating and setting up your Twitter page, we will provide our download Twitter for Authors – a step-by-step guide on how to use Twitter effectively to promote your book. It covers common Twitter terminology, Twitter etiquette, tips on how to find and interact with your audience, and much more.


Cost: $297


What’s Included?

– Development of your Goodreads book page

– Development of your Goodreads author page

– Author verification for Goodreads Author Program

– Goodreads Giveaway of three copies of your book

With over 30 million members, Goodreads is the largest book-centric social media site in the world. Readers from across the globe use Goodreads to discover new books, see what their friends are reading, and read and write book reviews. As an author, Goodreads is a vital site to connect with potential readers, garner reviews and promote your book. Goodreads currently has more than 100,000 verified authors in their Goodreads Author Program.


More about the Goodreads Page

Goodreads Page Development –

At Pickawoowoo Publishing Group, we can help set up your Goodreads book and author pages, bringing you one step closer to connecting with readers. For your book’s Goodreads page, we will include all necessary information about your book. This will include your book’s cover, synopsis, author website, publication date, and book specifications.


Goodreads Author Page –

We will also develop your Goodreads author page, where we can include as much — or as little — information as you like. However, the more you add, the more your readers can learn about you, building that author-reader relationship and bond. Items that can be added include:

Author’s background

  • Cost: $497
  • Favourite quotes
  • Books you have read, are reading, or want to read
  • The incentive to write your book
  • Blog posts


The “Goodreads Author” Badge –


Once verified by Goodreads, your account will receive a “Goodreads Author” badge. This shows that you are the actual author. It is quite exciting for readers to have the opportunity to rate books, share their reviews and interact with their favourite authors on a more personal level.


Goodreads Giveaway –

In addition to building up your book’s Goodreads page and your author page, as part of this service we will host a giveaway of three copies of your book. Hosting book giveaways is an excellent way to increase the exposure of your book and create excitement around the chance of winning a book copy. Goodreads Giveaways can result in hundreds of people requesting a copy of a book, and although not everyone will win, this is a great way to get otherwise unknown books onto readers’ radar.


Become Active On Goodreads! –

After your Goodreads page has been set up, you can take the reins to interact with your readers, host more giveaways, join groups, search for quotes and more! We also offer a Goodreads Advertising Campaign service. Contact usfor more details!

Cost: $297


What’s Included?

Ad management for one (1) month

– Ad campaign with 4–6 advertisements

– Option to continue the campaign and have us manage the ads, or have ad management transferred over to you

Just type in Goodreads into google and you will see the positive feedback. As an author you really need to be where the readers are, and the readers are on Goodreads. They have over 30 million users, and growing, who are reading, reviewing and making lists of books they want to read. With over 900+million books listed on the site, standing out from the crowd can be challenging, yet our Goodreads Advertising Campaign can help. This campaign increases your book’s visibility on Goodreads by getting your book in front of the Goodread masses rather than waiting for them to find you!


About the Goodreads Advertising Campaign

Advertising on Goodreads –

Through the Goodreads Advertising Campaign, the idea is to find your target audience based on such factors as preferred book genre, gender, age and location. The main benefit of Goodreads Advertising is that we can promote your book to users whose reading preferences match your book … and as such are more than likely to take action and read it.

When someone clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to your book’s Goodreads page. Here they can find out more about your book, and then mark your book as “want to read”, or write a review.


Goodreads Ad Creation –

After finding your ideal target audience, we will compose 4–6 ads specific to your book. These will be visible only to those readers who we have assessed to be the best fit. Each time a person clicks on your ad, a fee is incurred based on the amount you choose to bid.

The default bid is set at $0.50, and of course the higher you bid, the higher your ad’s priority will be. Essentially you will have the option to either direct the traffic from your ads to your Goodreads page or your personal website. As reviews are important we would suggest that you redirect them to your Goodreads page as it is an excellent site for readers to write reviews and interact with books.


Your Goodreads Advertising Budget –

We will ensure we stay within your budget when we are setting the bidding prices. After the budget has been spent, you can either get us to manage your account for a monthly fee, or have ad management transferred to you.