Customized Facebook® Author

Cost: $297



What’s Included?

Custom-designed Facebook author page for your book

– Two rounds of page revisions

– Social media planning template

– Facebook for Authors ebook download

– Marketo cheat sheet


Creating a Facebook author page is the first step to promoting your book on the world’s largest social media network. Unlike a personal Facebook page, your Facebook author page will be designed specifically around you and your book. A professional looking Facebook author page will allow you to start building an online social media presence for your book that will go some way to establishing credibility with potential readers. Through this page, you can announce book signings, link to your book’s sales page and interact directly with your fans.


The Customised Facebook Page

Facebook Author Page Creation –

nitially, we create a Facebook author page for your book using your book cover, author photo (if you wish) and biography. Using design elements from these elements allows us to create a professional-looking page where readers will easily identify you and your brand. You receive two rounds of revisions to make ensure we have the chance of incorporating your feedback into the design.


Social Media Planner –

You can organise your Facebook posts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through the social media planning template. This easy-to-use planner lets you fill in the blanks so you can execute well-planned social media campaigns. Professional marketers plan in advance how and when to post, which helps create a cohesive campaign. Managing a social media page on a regular – say weekly basis – becomes much easier when you can spend just five minutes selecting and posting content you have already developed. This template provides a simple and effective system for managing social media content.


Personal Facebook Account –

We ask all authors to sign up for a personal Facebook account during this process if they do not have one. The Facebook author page is first created in our account and we transfer the management of the page to you. If you already have a personal account, you can manage your Facebook page from that account as well. Remember, you just need a Facebook account; you don’t have to have a public-facing personal profile. The sign up process takes about two minutes and can be done at:


Facebook for Authors ebook download –

We provide you with the most up to date ebook on this topic for authors at time of purchase of this service. Here you will find tips for getting started on Facebook, managing your page and effectively marketing books on Facebook – in short, how to get the most out of your Facebook author page (Our Gift).