Customized Twitter® Page

Cost: $297


What’s Included?

– Two rounds of design revisions

– Twitter page for your book with a stylized background

– Market cheat sheet

– Social media planner

– Tweetdeck Account

– Twitter for Authors download (our gift)

Twitter is an effective tool to stay in touch and keep fans up-to-date on your latest projects and developments. Design your Twitter page to reflect your book so potential fans can find and follow you easily. At Pickawoowoo Publishing Group, we develop customised Twitter pages for authors to help them better establish themselves on Twitter.


More about the customised Twitter Page

Author Twitter Page –

Let us set up and design your Twitter page with a customised, themed background. To ensure your feedback is incorporated into the final design. We afford two rounds of design revisions to your page, free of charge, to incorporate any changes you make into the final design. The result will be a professional and polished Twitter page for your book. We also provide you with a unique Twitter “handle”, which is commonly structured: @authorname. If your name is unavailable or does not fit, we will work with you to provide alternative options.



Social Media Planner –

The social media planner helps you organise your tweets for a daily, weekly, or monthly posting schedule. This easy-to-use planner allows you to fill in the blanks so you can execute well-planned social media campaigns. Investing time upfront on planning how and when you post makes managing your page for an extended period much easier. On the day you want to post you simply spend five minutes selecting and posting content from your pre-filled template. This template is a simple yet effective tool to manage social media content.


Twitter for Authors – As well as creating and setting up your Twitter page, we will provide our download Twitter for Authors – a step-by-step guide on how to use Twitter effectively to promote your book. It covers common Twitter terminology, Twitter etiquette, tips on how to find and interact with your audience, and much more.