Facebook® Advertising Campaign


Cost: $497


What’s Included?

– $200 in advertising

– Ad management for the length of the initial campaign

– Three ad groups, each having 1–3 ads

– Option to continue the campaign and have us manage the ads, or have ad management transferred over to you

Use the power of Facebook Advertising to get your book in front of potential readers on Facebook. Pickawoowoo will help find your core audience on Facebook based on their ages, locations and profile interests. The benefit of using Facebook to advertise is that the message can be targeted to specific audiences. Facebook allows us to deliver advertising to users with specific profile interests so we are sure your book gets in front of the people most likely to select your title.


About the Facebook Advertising Campaign

Facebook Ad Creation –

After we have researched and determined your target audience, we will compose specific ads for your book that will be displayed on Facebook. These ads will be visible only to the potential readers we have determined to be a good fit for your book. Every time someone clicks on one of your ads they will be directed to your book’s Facebook page (or your author website) and an advertising fee will be incurred. The first $200 of advertising is included in this service, though you are free to add more to your advertising budget if you wish.



Directing your Facebook Ads –

While it is recommended to keep the traffic within Facebook, you have the option of having the advertising redirect to your website instead. This is a good option for authors who want to generate a buzz for their book using targeted Facebook traffic but do not wish to engage with their customers directly via social networks.



Who manages the Ad after the campaign? –

After the $200 worth of advertising has been spent, we can either manage the account for a monthly fee or you can assume the management of your ads. While a Facebook page for your book is not required to participate in this service, it is recommended. If you do not have one, you can create a page at www.facebook.com, purchase our Customised Facebook Author Page Service, or choose to have the advertisements direct people back to your author website.