Goodreads® Advertising Campaign

Cost: $297



What’s Included?

Ad management for one (1) month

– Ad campaign with 4–6 advertisements

– Option to continue the campaign and have us manage the ads, or have ad management transferred over to you

Just type in Goodreads into google and you will see the positive feedback. As an author you really need to be where the readers are, and the readers are on Goodreads. They have over 30 million users, and growing, who are reading, reviewing and making lists of books they want to read. With over 900+million books listed on the site, standing out from the crowd can be challenging, yet our Goodreads Advertising Campaign can help. This campaign increases your book’s visibility on Goodreads by getting your book in front of the Goodread masses rather than waiting for them to find you!



About the Goodreads Advertising Campaign

Advertising on Goodreads –

Through the Goodreads Advertising Campaign, the idea is to find your target audience based on such factors as preferred book genre, gender, age and location. The main benefit of Goodreads Advertising is that we can promote your book to users whose reading preferences match your book … and as such are more than likely to take action and read it.
When someone clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to your book’s Goodreads page. Here they can find out more about your book, and then mark your book as “want to read”, or write a review.



Goodreads Ad Creation –

After finding your ideal target audience, we will compose 4–6 ads specific to your book. These will be visible only to those readers who we have assessed to be the best fit. Each time a person clicks on your ad, a fee is incurred based on the amount you choose to bid.


The default bid is set at $0.50, and of course the higher you bid, the higher your ad’s priority will be. Essentially you will have the option to either direct the traffic from your ads to your Goodreads page or your personal website. As reviews are important we would suggest that you redirect them to your Goodreads page as it is an excellent site for readers to write reviews and interact with books.



Your Goodreads Advertising Budget –

We will ensure we stay within your budget when we are setting the bidding prices. After the budget has been spent, you can either get us to manage your account for a monthly fee, or have ad management transferred to you.