Goodreads® Page


Cost: $297



What’s Included?

– Development of your Goodreads book page

– Development of your Goodreads author page

– Author verification for Goodreads Author Program

– Goodreads Giveaway of three copies of your book

With over 30 million members, Goodreads is the largest book-centric social media site in the world. Readers from across the globe use Goodreads to discover new books, see what their friends are reading, and read and write book reviews. As an author, Goodreads is a vital site to connect with potential readers, garner reviews and promote your book. Goodreads currently has more than 100,000 verified authors in their Goodreads Author Program.


More about the Goodreads Page

Goodreads Page Development –

At Pickawoowoo Publishing Group, we can help set up your Goodreads book and author pages, bringing you one step closer to connecting with readers. For your book’s Goodreads page, we will include all necessary information about your book. This will include your book’s cover, synopsis, author website, publication date, and book specifications.



Goodreads Author Page –

We will also develop your Goodreads author page, where we can include as much — or as little — information as you like. However, the more you add, the more your readers can learn about you, building that author-reader relationship and bond. Items that can be added include:


  • Author’s background
  • Influences
  • Favourite quotes
  • Books you have read, are reading, or want to read
  • The incentive to write your book
  • Blog posts

The “Goodreads Author” Badge –

Once verified by Goodreads, your account will receive a “Goodreads Author” badge. This shows that you are the actual author. It is quite exciting for readers to have the opportunity to rate books, share their reviews and interact with their favourite authors on a more personal level.



Goodreads Giveaway –

In addition to building up your book’s Goodreads page and your author page, as part of this service we will host a giveaway of three copies of your book. Hosting book giveaways is an excellent way to increase the exposure of your book and create excitement around the chance of winning a book copy. Goodreads Giveaways can result in hundreds of people requesting a copy of a book, and although not everyone will win, this is a great way to get otherwise unknown books onto readers’ radar.



Become Active On Goodreads! –

After your Goodreads page has been set up, you can take the reins to interact with your readers, host more giveaways, join groups, search for quotes and more! We also offer a Goodreads Advertising Campaign service. Contact usfor more details!