Full Book Publicity

The full book publicity campaign is a custom-designed publicity campaign for your book and book genre. You will work directly with one of our in-house book marketing publicists to create a strategic PR campaign that aims at targeting traditional media outlets (such as radio and television) and online media (blogs, websites, etc.). This campaign is definitely for those who are seeking to make maximum impact, treat their books as a business and be totally committed. The consultancy rate under Traditional Book Publicity is $120.00 per hour. So your time and commitment to this program is important as is your existing author platform, book’s potential audience, and your financial and time commitment to marketing your book.

A full book publicity campaign runs for approximately 3 months and may include pitching more than 35 media contacts, setting up book signings and author speaking events, and more. Our publicity team and Online Media Director will create and execute a media strategy. You will be required to purchase consultancy hours for the assessment of this campaign upfront.

Traditional publishers set large fees towards a book publicity campaign for maximum effectiveness and for indie authors / self published authors it takes a lot of work to get your book into traditional media outlets, but it is possible.

An initial assessment fee is required and then a complete strategic PR campaign is created and as the author you will work with one of our book publicists closely.

Assessment Fee



Budgets Range –

The cost of the full book publicity campaign is between $5000 – $15000 depending on the scope of the campaign. An assessment will give you an idea of the scope of your campaign. Contact us for further details.


Please contact us if you wish for us to undertake a full book publicity campaign.