These are our promises
  1. We offer authors 100 percent of everything by setting them up as the publisher.

No publishing services provider (vanity publisher) wants you to know that in this day and age there is absolutely no need to pay a publisher to publish your book. The Pickawoowoo Publishing Group was the first self-publishing company in Australia to help authors set up as the publisher, giving them full autonomy and profits. Other companies said they did it, but they retained the ISBN – meaning they owned the book. After completion of our author services, the Pickawoowoo Publishing Group doesn’t take a dollar. We set you up so that you can manage sales from your chosen platform, view website sales in real time and all sales income goes directly into your account.

  1. You own everything we create for you.

Any and every file, interior, book covers, 3D images, sell sheets, web banners, press release, and absolutely anything else you ask us to create for your book is yours. You never have to buy these from us on completion of your book project, you own it all. Many self-publishing companies make you pay to get your source files or don’t provide them at all. Unfortunately this ties you into their service for life, whereas we know you will come back if you need help or a second edition.

  1. Print at cost for any size book or book order.

Traditional publishers are competitive on price and self publishers need to be too. We want you to have a chance to compete and to do this it needs to have a retail price close to that of other published books in the same genre. So you need to buy your own stock at print price direct /wholesale price Other self-publishing companies see this as an opportunity to mark up printing prices (by an average 50 to 150 percent) and make more money from authors than actual sales. If your printing is marked up so high to start, then the retail price of your book will be artificially exaggerated … and it will not be competitive in the marketplace nor can you make a profit on your personal book sales.

  1. A professional team.

The Pickawoowoo Publishing Groups proven approach to outsourcing achieves tight integration of people and processes across their publishing journey. With more than 30 globally deployed professionals that we call our ‘Reality Team’ and a dedicated ‘Australian team’ (with over 20+ years experience) we work to each Author/Publishers best interest, with rigorous attention to publication integrity whilst ensuring all rights and royalties are maintained. The Self Publishing model delivers the most successful and cost-effective customer/publisher collaboration possible.

  1. Our Gift – We provide more than what you pay for.
  2. We won’t sell you what you don’t need or can’t use.

We are not a self-publishing cookie cutter machine or boiler room. We don’t have a script or use any hard sell techniques and nor do we contact you relentlessly. That is a sign of a vanity publisher. We are not a one size fits all publishing services provider and we certainly don’t sell you products and services that won’t help your book. Our integrity, honesty and reputation are important to us and we’ve been known to talk you out of services if not required – just ask our authors). Our publishing and marketing services are professional, innovative and supportive to your needs. Of course we would love your business, but we won’t pester you to get it.

  1. Our innovative marketing tools are designed to generate interest in your book.

We give each and every author our award winning pdf book on ‘How to Create an Author Platform’ as our gift. This gives you important information to start your marketing, for free. If your budget allows we can coach you or undertake a number of efficient and cost-effective online marketing tools and strategies to help launch and promote your book to the world.

  1. We customise our quotes based on your needs … and allow you to then make choices.

Everything is upfront. We tell you what we can do based on your conversation with us, we then quote, then allow you to select the publishing services you require and we can coach you on the other aspects of the publishing process (i.e. such as admin tasks like ISBN or Catalogue in Publication). We allow you to control your budget and every fee you could ever incur working with us is disclosed on our publishing agreement with you. You don’t sign a book contract, you have a service agreement that is fully disclosed upfront and we are happy to explain if you have questions. Essentially, we offer a ‘Fee for Service’ arrangement.

  1. A willingness to please.

Our publishing motto is ‘ publishing with joy love and ease and a willingness to please’. Don’t just believe what we say, we are happy to provide you with a list of authors who will provide testimonials for us. You can even speak with our previous authors and get first-hand knowledge from them. Let us know your location and we’ll put some authors in touch with you.

  1. Location or book genre is no barrier to working with us.

The Pickawoowoo Publishing Group operates globally and creates many book formats and styles across various genres and is particularly passionate with Mind Body Spirit books. As an award winning company recognised for business and publishing expertise we are also well placed to facilitate ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING… books/ebooks as part of a businesseses content marketing strategy.



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