“None of us is as good as all of us”

Our team consists of 30 professional freelancers and/or organisations worldwide, whom we have worked with since 2007.   Our local creative publishing team includes Proofreaders, Editors, Book Cover Specialists, Book Designers. E-Designers and Book Coach/Marketing and Book Manager.  Contact Julie-Ann at author@pickawoowoo.com.
To produce a great book, our dedicated team allow AUTHOR/PUBLISHERS to create their best work possible. Our publishing software platform allows our team to follow a simple workflow. From manuscript to finished product. In our model, you only need to utilise the services you need.  Our local or global team members are happy to do most of the work to produce your book, if need be. We operate on a simple fee for service basis based on your needs.
We provide AUTHOR/PUBLISHERS a new way to publish. This aligns with enormous changes in technology in book production, distribution and reading. Furthermore, authors keep their rights. 100% of royalties. And most importantly, ALL source files created in the process.


Julie-Ann Harper

Is the founder of Pickawoowoo Publishing Group. She has 30 years experience in publishing, Business training, Group facilitation, Public speaking and Self publishing workshops.
Julie-Ann is a passionate advocate towards true self publishing. That is, helping authors to view publishing as a business. With 15 awards in the area of publishing and business she truly walks her talk and is willing to share her knowledge with as many Authors as possible.  Particularly when it comes to self publishing.
She is co-author of 47 educational titles. 2 self published titles. Author of 5 children’s picture books and 2 trade published titles (McGraw Hill).
As the Managing Director and Book Coach of Pickawoowoo, she has practical experience to share with new author/publishers.


Nicole Lucey

Nicole is co-founder of  Pickawoowoo Publishing Group.  Nicole’s contribution to the sound financial management of the company has been recognised through numerous business awards Pickawoowoo has won or a finalist in.  Contact Nicole at  nicole@pickawoowoo.com.


Evelyn Patman

Evelyn’s abilities in skilled book management comes from her 15 years experience in local government. Together with administration and project management.
This platform gave her a wide range of transferable skills which she brings to the Pickawoowoo team and book publishing.
Not to mention her passion for books. She was responsible for managing her local shire library, which gave her a wealth of expertise she shares with authors


Laila Savolainen

Laila’s illustration style is wide and varied. She is internationally known for her vivid colour and expressive work.
Her portfolio is full of images rendered in black and white, both simple and detailed. She uses traditional materials such as paints and pencils and has a strong digital palette. She also combines a blend of photography and brushwork.
She has a keen appreciation and understanding of the needs of the author. Particularly, when bringing their work to life which reflects them and how they want it expressed to the world. Laila understands some authors have strong ideas. Specifically on what they would like to see as their book covers and/or interiors. Her flexibility in styles is truly artistic, which enables the creation of illustrations catered for the individual. Authors are impressed with her visions, as they themselves have said, they could not see what it was they needed within the images. Laila has also self-published, as author and illustrator a number of her own titles.

EDDIE ALBRECHT – AUS  B.ARTS (Classics and Ancient History), BA HONS

Eddie Albrecht

Eddie has been a journalist for more than 24 years with Perth’s metropolitan daily newspaper, The West Australian. During this time he covered most aspects of newspaper production from reporting to sub-editing, and editing. For the past 20 years he has concentrated on production. Editing copy, writing headlines, copy tasting, page layout, photo selection and cropping, and caption writing. Eddie has an Honours degree in Classics and Ancient History (University of Western Australia). Worked at The West Australian from 1989-2013. Recently completed a stint at independent suburban newspaper the, Fremantle Herald. He is a prolific editor of websites and self published authors’ work. He has a great respect for the written word. Knowing it can convey or describe any emotion or event. He looks forward to using his skills to achieve this for prospective authors.
CHRISTOPHER BRUNTON   – Illustrator, Book Cover Specialist and Digital Consultant

Freelance illustrator and graphic artist Chris Brunton’s 25 years as Art Director at a busy regional newspaper has imbued him with a ‘can-do’ attitude and an arsenal of illustration and cartooning styles to suit any assignment. His tenure working way too close to smelly journalists, egomaniacal sales reps and neurotic promotional personnel has since proven invaluable, as he is now able to help first time authors visualise their crazy ideas, from fuzzy concept to highly professional finished art, harmonising aesthetic considerations with high end marketability.  Thank you Chris.

Chris is a past recipient of a prestigious Black & White Artists of Australia Stanley Award.  Click to see a preview of work.

Skye (Online Book Co-ordinator)

Skye Online Co-ordinator

Skye is our virtual assistant and online book co-ordinator.  Her role is to co-ordinate all our book projects between the teams (designers, staff and authors).  In addition, she ensures everyone is working harmoniously, including our authors.  Skye has 8 years experience in this role and she manages us all admirably.

Global Team

Global Team

Our company works with some of the most specialised professional freelancers from all over the globe.

From book trailer experts to professional graphic designers.  Photoshop experts to logo specialists.   Web designers to SEO guru’s.  Illustrators to publicity campaign managers.

Moreover, each professional freelancer is a valued member of our team.  Each specifically working within their area of passion. For this reason, each member has worked with the Pickawoowoo Publishing Group team for over 4 years now.

Thank you team.  We couldn’t make the lives of people creating their dream to publish, without all your efforts.  Not to mention your professionalism.  Also your humour.  Coupled with your kindness.  Certainly your patience and overall love for what you do.