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To begin with – download this PDF and read ‘A Better Way To Publish’ at your leisure.

It will answer your questions and for the most part, highlight why Pickawoowoo is Australia’s only resource expert for the number one print and distribution platform for authors worldwide, Ingram Spark.

A publishing paradigm has evolved that shifts power away from publishers to writers. Traditional publishing roles are disappearing. Whereas, self-publishing is the new normal.

In the past many writers found the process of securing a publisher somewhat daunting. Times have changed!

The arrival of platforms such as Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, Amazon and iBooks, etc has opened doors to all writers. Consequently making the transition to a published author.

Self-publishing is how many of the most successful authors began, so get started today!

Whether you’re looking to produce a printed book or eBook is not the issue at this stage. The most important decision you’ll have to make as a writer is whether you’re committed to publishing professionally.

Beginning with meeting industry standards and/or securing a professional publishing partner or author service provider to make it happen. Many writers who have invested a vast amount of time in producing their manuscript, fail at the final turning of the page.

  1.  They take the first ‘pay to publish’ organisation, without investigating their reputation.
  2.  Layout the manuscript in word and provide to a local printer for bulk printing. Give it to another published author to help them because they have published one book. Or, have a ‘create it and they will’ come misconception with no thought to the process of marketing their title.
  3. Settling for second best, whether it be proofreading or cover design is not necessary. Know what’s involved.

Self-publishing is more affordable than many realise. It is a wonderful option for authors.

For example, authors whose books may have gone out of print or authors who wish to print small volumes rather than a garage full of books. As a author/publisher if you are interested in joining us as your publishing partner, Pickawoowoo can guide your book’s destiny with you at the helm.

Why Pickawoowoo?

At Pickawoowoo we’ve spent years honing our services to self-publishers and indie publishing houses.

Our expert team understand every process you need from start to finish (or cover to cover). We are an open book and expose the publishing industry’s (not so well known) secrets. One is that the platform they use is available to authors, like you.

Pickawoowoo has become the industry bellwether. Thus, knowing what gives authors their best shot at success. Pioneering low printing cost opportunities and giving authors direct access to all royalties and rights (100%).

As a self publisher we provide you with a customised publishing experience to fit your goals and your budget.

We can design your book cover
Edit or typeset your manuscript
Provide professional illustrations
Publish your book using many different models
Design your website
Produce a book trailer
Distribution option
Online marketing tools
so much more

Specifically, we want you to be the Publisher. Where, you get the benefits of your efforts. We’ll set up as the author/publisher with the leading self publishing platforms – Lightning Source & Ingram Spark.

Pickawoowoo is an authorized resource expert for both Lightning Source and Ingram Spark. This means, both these companies recognise Pickawoowoo for knowing their publishing and printing systems well. This is the reason we are able to guide you through these processes.


Quality is Pickawoowoo’s mantra, as evidenced by their work and impressive list of awards

Do you see a Writer or an Author? Start your self-publishing journey with Pickawoowoo today!