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What is Spiritual

Thank you to Shirley MacLaine (Actress and Spiritual Pioneer) who has given us permission to use a succinct interpretation of what is


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What comes to mind when you say the word spiritual?

The answers to this question are sure to be diverse. Some may identify the word with religion; others with the New Age movement, still others relate it to nature. Some may see a sunrise in their mind and some may see nothing at all and instead feel a direct connection to Creation.

Everyone has a different symbolic picture that comes to their mind's eye when they hear the word. The variance of these individualistic references is based on the belief process we were taught as children and our life experiences. Sometimes a new reference may be stronger than an older reference and the belief structure and the identification changes. Sometimes the identification with the word spiritual remains throughout life.

Beneath all of this identification that we have to have in order to exist in this third-dimensional plane, is the actual essence of the word. Webster defines spiritual as, "of the spirit or the soul, as distinguished from the body." We know the body. The body is solid and tangible. We know the mind and pride ourselves on being able to learn, to think and to rationalize.

But do we really know the spirit that exists within each and every one of us? It generally can't be seen or physically touched. It can't be tasted. It doesn't smell and can't be audibly heard. It can't tell time or compute a mathematical problem. It doesn't resonate to any of the labels we use to recognize the things around us. So what is it?

The spirit is the direct connection to the Divine. It is the cohesive sum and substance of who and what we really are; an energy that is harmonious with the Creator. It doesn't require a three-dimensional descriptive identification as the totality of it's unseen dynamics can be seen everywhere, in everything. Without the spirit, the physical and the mental would have no reason to exist as neither would be whole.

The physical and mental aspects of life are, in fact, compliments to the spirit. The physical body will pass from this and other lifetimes and the mind will require training and expand and grow with each new life experience. But the spirit, our attachment to the Divine, will remain intact, complete, all-knowing and everlasting.

Many ask how to make or recognize this connection between the spirit and the Divine. There is no right or wrong way to make the connection. To me, spirituality is the process by which we connect directly to the Divine. It isn't a belief. It is a knowing that is felt within the entire being.

My preference is a one-on-one connection because I feel more comfortable aligning myself directly with the Godforce. But that is my choice. Some may favor finding the bond in the form of a religion, through a prayer or through a meditation. Others may find it by smelling a flower or by hugging a tree. How the connection is made is up to each individual. The important objective is making the alliance between Godforce and spirit.

We care for our body, we educate our mind, but all too often we ignore the most vital part of ourselves. Imagine what the world could be if each of us were more cognizant and nurturing of our spirit.

Used with permission of Shirley MacLaine 2010: Source

At Pick-a-WooWoo we see 'Spirituality' as a state of connectedness to all life, honoring diversity in unity. It is about a deeper sense of purpose and place. It is an experience of being, belonging and caring. It is sensitivity and compassion, joy and hope. It is the harmony between the inner life and the outer life. It is the sense of wonder and reverence for the mysteries of the universe and a feeling of the purposefulness of life. It is about connectedness and the highest aspirations of the human spirit.

How can we not want this for our children?