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If you want to leapfrog competitors, stand out from the crowd, break through the clutter and increase brand awareness in the market place, having a published book will certainly result in greater visibility, enhanced credibility, broader reach and leverage!

The book is the new business card:

Smart businesses have started to use the capabilities of Print on Demand and online publishing as part of their ‘content marketing’ strategy. That is, offering free or low cost printed books and ebooks to customers from their websites (or events) to describe their product/services or their vision to potential customers. Many offer how-to guides, recipes, financial advice, and other freebies as part of a content marketing strategy. Self-publishing isn’t just for authors any more. It’s a very smart move for any business.


A book is the ultimate brand calling card! Almost every major business figure has written one. A book opens doors, positions you and your business/ company as the guru in your field and gives you something tangible from which to leverage a media campaign or provide at speaking engagements. Books also provide value as a conversation starter and source of credibility with centers of influence, prospects and clients.

The return on your publishing investment can be substantial (financially and branding). The use of 'the book as a business card' has added a new and powerful tool to marketing portfolios. It:  

  • Establishes expertise and builds credibility

  • Sets you apart (published author)

  • Can open doors 

  • Can attract new business opportunities

  • Is a calling card leaving a more meaningful impression than the traditional business card.

Consumers are increasingly skeptical of advertising propaganda including emails. Yet a book ensures you have a credible marketing tool which you can use as leverage, an incentive, a reward or even a giveaway to acquire new customers or retain existing ones.

As you can see custom book publishing is one of today’s most effective business strategies for reaching targeted groups of people with information relevant to their needs, interests and lifestyles. It provides a personal touch and longevity to your enduring message.

Even though the world is changing, books are still a primary source for sharing and storing information. Valued for their ability to entertain, inspire, and persuade, books are considered a timeless reference for our ever changing society (more so than a business card with just name rank and serial information).


Our expertise:

Pickawoowoo's Julie-Ann Harper has a wealth of expertise in this genre. In approaching her work, she draws on the following:

  • Telstra Best of Business Awards Judge

  • Owned and operated a business training company that trained in small business management (Business Starters Network - sold company)

  • Co-owned Australia's largest wholesaler/publisher of small business training resources for nationally accredited small business training courses and small business texts books. The resources were winner and finalists in the Australian in Excellence in Publishing Awards and were sold nationally through TAFE’s and publicly via Officeworks. (Innovative Business Resources - sold company)

  • Lectured in marketing and advertising (Uni / TAFE's)

  • Authored Small Business Management Resources (over 50 titles)

  • Trade Published two titles with McGraw Hill (Smart Marketing for Small Business and Intro to Small Business)

  • A 30+-year career in business management and small business ownership

  • And is the recipient of numerous business and publishing awards

Case Study

A firm we work with published a book on home building to promote their contracting business. This full-length how-to book is provided to prospective clients and essentially it is a REALLY nice but effective brochure that does not get thrown away (like all brochures do). If even one potential client ends up hiring this firm after seeing that book, that will be enough to print thousands of books for future prospective clients. Initially the company was going to have it as short print run only (so only the company can buy copies). However, when we explained that readers are happy to pay for a quality, informative how-to book - even if that book is advertising one specific company - we were able to set up the book for distribution from the clients own account. The book is available globally and apparently selling well (exposure to both readers and future customers).

Moving Forward:
  • We’ll work with whatever ‘raw materials’ you have or supply you with a submission checklist as a guide. Some of our clients have come to us with scraps of paper others an advanced draft of their words. It doesn’t matter where we start: we’ll ensure we get you published to a professional standard. 

  • You’re the client, you dictate the pace. If you need something done quickly, we’ll do everything to meet your deadline. If you’d prefer to take your time, that’s fine too.

  • We'll be truthful and challenge you if necessary. We see our job as professional book builders as helping you meet your ultimate goal, of which writing is just a very small part. We won’t hold back in making suggestions to you. But this is your book so you have the final say. But be warned. We don't compromise publishing standards - it would be the death knock for your book and we set authors up to succeed not fail. 

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out how you can publish your business book.

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