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Finalize your manuscript with book editing services, before you self-publish

There is no doubt, experienced writers understand editing and yes even great writers need editors. Editing ensures that your self-published book meets professional standards. It isn’t enough to have your family proofread it (unless qualified, of course). With this in mind no-one considers you or your book important if there are mistakes throughout its pages.  

Having your book 'look' self-published is bad.

Yet, having your book 'sound' self-published is worse!

A fascinating story or non-fiction piece can effectively transform into a perfect work of art. An editor can transform your manuscript into a solid piece of composing. In this manner supporting you and fortifying your author profile.

Above all you need to understand it is the author/publisher’s role to make sure the finished book is, in essence, the best it can be.

You don't have to edit your own work

You don’t have to take on editing if you plan to self-publish. If you partner with Pickawoowoo, you get a professional book editor to work on your manuscripts. We undertake editing based on your need, you can have one service or all of them, the choice is yours (this is usually budget driven but regardless you should have at least one round of editing by a professional).

As a rule, if you want to publish a high-quality Book /EBook, you MUST edit your manuscript. Certainly, investing in an editor is the best way to improve your Book / EBook.  Consequently, our proof, copy and content editors are here to help.  Additionally, once track changes are complete, you will receive a clean copy for the designers.


  • Copy editing. checks your writing to see if its grammar and style are consistent.

  • Copy and content editing. edits a manuscript to ensure accuracy and clarity, and that it’s plagiarism-free.

  • Proofreader. goes line byline looking for typos and other errors.


Full transparency of our editing services are provided. This is important to the self-published author. As a quick guide on pricing - the average cost of book editing for a 50,000-word manuscript ranges from $750 - $1250+. The price varies depending on whether you need a proof, copy or copy and content edit. 

Editing process.

Pickawoowoo's editor will mark up your manuscript.   We use the 'track changes' feature found in Microsoft Word. You manage and review the changes made and confirm or adjust any additions, deletions or queries that your editor has recommended.

We supply you with: 

  • Edited version of your manuscript (word doc)

  • Notes from the editor (word doc)

  • Editing Tracking – how to review the changes (PDF)

  • Show or hide formatting – this should be turned on when going through your editing (PDF)

As a guide - here are the main issues to consider when choosing an editing service: 

Editorial Services 

​5 factors to consider


This is a key issue for many book authors as they seek value for money. Does your editor charge per word, hour or project? It’s important you establish at least a ballpark figure before work begins, and ideally a fixed cost. Pickawoowoo charges per word as it is more transparent and based on the word count of the manuscript. Why pay for blank or partial text pages to be edited

Level of service

Will your book editor be copy editing, copy and content editing (developmental) or proofreading. Pickawoowoo's editor will NOT let something slide just because you've paid only for a proofread. This shows our integrity and professionalism

Skill-set and work history of the editor

  • Does your editor have qualifications or are they merely an English teacher or a jack-of-all-trades that dabbles in book editing? A professional editor should know the intricacies of the book publishing world and therefore is in a better position than a generalist to make your book successful. Please read our editors profile.

  • How many years has your book editor provided editing and does he/she have a proven track record of successful book editing? Pickawoowoo can provide previous authors who have utilized this service so you can speak with them directly or we can provide you with written recommendations from past clients?

Turn-around time

What is your editor’s approach to turn-around times? Will they charge you extra if your return date is tight? Pickawoowoo will give you a start and approximate finish date - if we can't work to your time frames we will advise accordingly.

Sample edit

Will your editor provide a sample edit? Most editors are agreeable in providing a sample edit, if not then the service standards are questionable. Pickawoowoo can provide the first chapter, for a discounted fee – but not for free. A sample is an inexpensive way to establish our editor’s capability. 

A closing note

An editor should always accommodate an author and not the other way around. You may have spent months or years writing your book, and therefore it’s imperative you still maintain your authors voice and some control during the editorial process – after all, they work for you.

Moving forward

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out more about our editing service.

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