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If you’re a poet, this is the time to shine. You have more opportunities than ever to build your audience, and more platforms for selling your self-published poetry book with the introduction of print on demand and global distribution opportunities.

Poets often find success in choosing to self-publish poetry. This way, they control the look and feel of the finished product and can get their book into the hands of their followers faster than with traditional publishing.

Some of the most famous poetry books of all time were self published and marketed originally. Like 'Leaves of Grass' by Walt Whitman. There is a long ritual of success with self-published poets, and this new generation is finding an audience dedicated to buying poetry in print.

5 steps to put your work in print and delight your friends, fans, and followers



Write poetry and write often

Most poetry collections are between 30 - 100 different poems. To create a unified collection of this size, you will require a volume of work to reduce down, for final selection.


Choose wisely

Poetry, often, creates the deepest meaning with the most powerful, minimal language, similarly you will need to ruthlessly edit your collection down to its most essential poems.

Compiling a poetry collection is not about putting all your poems together. It is about selecting wisely and creating a conversation between poems to ensure they are related and blend together. This can be organised via a particular idea, theme, subject or style—a clear commonality to unify it


Organize your poems

Once you’ve organised by idea, theme, subject or style then put your poems in an order that assists the reader experience and flow.


Book format considerations

Also known as trim size, your book format in part will determine the number of poems (and poems per page). Poetry books with text only can be trade trim sizes including the smallest pocketbook size. If however your poems correlate with visual work, such as photographs, paintings, digital artwork, then larger sizes are recommended (like photography or cookbooks trim sizes).


Page layout design

White space is your friend. Poetry books are quite unique in that the white space around your text is as important as your words. Poetry needs to breathe on the page and it is often said this allows the reader to think.

Because retaining the authors voice and word placements per line is crucial to the author poetry books can be more challenging at design stage. It is a partnership between Pickawoowoo and the poet to work with limitations (word counts per line) to ensure everyone is happy with the result.


Poetry is often soul centered and personal. The work you are doing to illuminate those human moments belongs in the hands of your readers. Put your poems in print and open new opportunities—not only for profit—but for getting your words into the world.

Moving forward 

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out how you can publish your poety book.

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