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Consultation / Coaching

As an author you have worked long and hard on the writing of your book, so the last thing you want is to stumble or make some basic mistakes at the production stage. It is not only annoying but can be very costly. Email to organise an individual consultation or consultancy block (Bronze, Silver, Gold) with our book coach Julie-Ann Harper (director/founder), Julie-Ann is an award-winning author, publisher and businesswomen. Similarly, her business acumen and skills are recognised as a judge for the Australian TELSTRA Best of Business Awards.

Consultation Fee - Consultation per hour $125+gst per hour (half hour increments available).

Consultation Blocks (see below)



Pickawoowoo team members have worked in the book industry for some time and many are successful authors in their own right. We know a lot of practical information that can assist the author/publisher.

What are the benefits in using an experienced book coach?

The confidence to really enjoy self-publishing with an award-winning business with over 38+ years 
of publishing expertise: 

  1. We are the only Australian company to be recommended by IngramSpark for full author services (guaranteed expertise and additional benefits such as discount codes during set up)

  2. Authorised service provider for LightningSource

  3. We work harmoniously with ThorpeBowker

  4. Our website / social media pages, demonstrates many happy clients. We grow our business through referrals, word of mouth - just ask our authors who'll share their experience.

  5. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  6. Cost savings, you don't know, what you don't know until you've spent too much. We help you to reduce thousands of dollars by using the right vendors for your book project.

  7. Transparency and clarity on your publishing path and how to move forward

  8. Support during each step in the publishing journey.

Is Book Coaching a Good Idea for You?

Here are six scenarios where you could benefit from this sort of up-front investment. A self-publishing consultation makes a lot of sense for many author/publishers.



·         Bronze Up to 2 hours $197.00+gst (acquittal of this amount can be up to 3 months from first consultation)



Silver: Up to 5 hours

$436.50+gst (acquittal of this amount can be up to 6 months from first consultation



·         Gold:  Up to 10 hours $749.55+gst (acquittal of this amount can be up to 9 months from first consultation)


You want to know the best way to publish using an ethical author services company whereby you learn as you go and you retain all rights, royalties and 100% of everything. Each step, pre-publication, publication and post-publication explained carefully with additional written support sheets. We can either just coach or coach and design your projects, up to you.


 You are overloaded with information from reading a multitude of online articles, blogs and websites all with varying opinions. After 38+ years in this publishing world, seeing a plethora of changes, we can help discern the best way forward and how all these pieces fit together.


You already published your book with a 'vanity publishing company' often called: subsidy, co-operative, partner, joint or self publishing service. Unfortunately you now realise that sales are not to your expectation and they don't sell / promote your book. Or you still see no sales results after you've paid the overpriced marketing service fees. Worse still, when you need your own book stock for personal sales, a distributor or provide books on consignment to retail outlets they charge you exorbitant prices to buy your own stock. You may want out of this system but don’t know how to go about it.


 How do you avoid sending out 'self published signals?' You want your book to be on an even keel with trade published books and compete book to book. Avoid the glut of mistakes made by self-publishers and the tell tale signs.


You don’t have time to understand how print on demand (POD), digital printing or even book distribution, online ordering and ecommerce actually works. You would rather cut through the publishing waffle and know your best way forward.


 Being harassed - A self publishing company KEEPS ringing and wants you to sign their contract. This is a marketing tactic that wears writers down and often these conversations are carefully scripted. Do not sign anything before you talk to us, there’s always a better solution. We'll even provide you with a 15 minute conversation - FREE - to prove it.

  • Can you undertake my legal requirements for me?
    Yes we are more than happy to do this for you and we charge you a service /admin fee to undertake the tasks. You will pay for the actual costs through the relevant organisations (barcodes and isbns etc).
  • What is a legal deposit?
    Legal Deposit is a requirement under the Copyright Act 1968 for publishers and self publishing authors to deposit a copy of any work published in Australia with the National Library (or library of Congress in US) and when applicable, the deposit libraries in your home state. Legal Deposit ensures that Australian publications are preserved for use now and in the future. We are happy to undertake this task for you and a service fee applies.
  • Do I need an ISBN and who should own the ISBN?
    The short answer is yes, if you’re intending on selling your book, and you should own it. ISBN's are to most authors, just one more detail to look after when they are already feeling overwhelmed. Self-publishing companies prey on unsuspecting authors with low budgets, so when they say, “We’ll provide you with one of our ISBNs for free,” authors breathe a sigh of relief. But little do they know this is one of the worst decisions they wiill make. ISBNs can only be purchased legally from Bowker. Self-publishing companies purchase ISBNs in bulk (as can any author). In a nutshell - who owns the ISBN owns the book. When you purchase an ISBN, Bowker wants to know the name of the publisher. So, if XXX self-publishing company buys the ISBNs, they enter their name as the publisher. When they assign one of their bulk-purchased ISBNs to a book, the company becomes the publisher of the book and not the author/publisher. At Pickawoowoo Publishing Services, each author is considered an independent publisher. We do not pass control of your book over to ourselves nor forfeit a percentage of your compensation (royalties). For that reason, we will purchase ISBNs on behalf of an author with the author listed as the publisher. Total transparency and you own it.
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