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Coffee Table


Have you thought about coffee table book publishing? Are you an photographer, a community organisation or author looking to publish content that is eye-catching, unusual, or visually appealing?

A coffee table book is often a large format case laminated (hard back) book intended for display on a coffee table or counter. More often than not, the subject matter is non-fiction and is image centric such as photos that can be viewed quickly by the reader. The subject matter should lend itself well to visual display.

Professional design in any publishing is important, but it’s especially essential for a coffee table book, since the primary point of appeal is visual. 

Coffee Table Book Quality

Given the high costs of traditional coffee table books (offset print) it is necessary to understand the challenges to ensure it is done correctly from the onset. Getting it wrong can be an expensive exercise. You will need good colour (a printer specializing in this format), which means an ozalid /test proof from the printer. Artwork needs to be original (permission of the photographer) and of a high resolution in order to print clearly. Or if photos are required prices can add up quickly when copyright permissions are necessary . 

Coffee Table Book Print Options

These days, we offer clients two printing methods for coffee table books.

1. Print on Demand (POD) - which saves time, costs and trees but has limited options for bells and whistles. This option is definitely more budget orientated with less financial risks involved. It also provides the author/publisher the opportunity to print library quality hard back books, as many as initially required, and the ability to test the market with full online distribution.

POD does have some good options to avoid the overhead and logistical issues of a large press run but there are also quite a few limitations i.e. no gloss interior paper or customised covers.

Low risk low entry costs = Print on Demand

2. Offset Press Print Run - A top shelf option. With a sizable press run, you’ll have special cover design and interior paper  choices available that wouldn’t be feasible with print on demand. For coffee table books, both the visual and tactile quality is key, and the cover should be a central consideration. Items like emboss/ deboss are a popular cover design option in which  add depth and contrast that can highlight certain features. NOTE: if you don't have a distribution channel organised, this could be a significant investment in time and resources - plus take many years to recuperate.

High risk high entry costs + Offset Print

Regardless of your printing choice we work with the author / organisation to create a custom-tailored plan that meets your specific needs, goals and budget. Our team has many years of experience in design and editing for traditional publishers, so self-publishing authors can reach the same level of quality, and compete with books from major publishers.

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out how you can publish your coffee table book.

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