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You have the knowledge – we give you the voice

Pickawoowoo author services understands fully that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to non-fiction book publishing, as this genre covers topics like history, self help, or a professional niches like finance or medicine. It may be used to build credibility as a professional in your field,  develop a  personal brand, aimed towards staring a career as an author or to build an existing business, the list is endless. When publishing a book with these goals, there’s that much more to consider as you move forward.

6 steps to consider when publishing non-fiction

Why are you publishing this book?

What’s your motivation behind this publishing project and what is the books purpose going to serve (for you and your readers)? Something needs to drive you. The why behind your purpose, be it professional or personal, does not really matter. What matters is your why will lead to your overall objective, which in turn assists with the approach you will take in structuring the book and marketing your book.

Have you used a style guide?


Consistency is key at every stage, writing, formatting and interior design layout. A style guide, or manual of style, is a set of principles to help you produce consistent writing. Pickawoowoo can provide a general style guide or you can use a formal manual of style which is a comprehensive reference book that covers every stylistic decision you could think of i.e. Chicago Manual of Style.

Who are your target audience?


You cannot write a good nonfiction book without first identifying who your reader is. You want to be specific. Not everyone, everywhere will want your book (as most new nonfiction authors believe).

Have you engaged an editor?


Editing is important for all book genres, but it’s of critical importance for nonfiction titles. A good editor will help guide you through a combination of audience connection, authentic writing, and compelling message delivery.


Are you telling readers what you want rather than what the reader needs to know?

If you hope to publish a book that will connect and resonate with readers, then you must go beyond what you want to say and write what the reader needs to know. In order to write what the reader needs to know, you need to have first identified your why and your reader.

Why is visual communication a key point in non-fiction?


Speak loudly, speak visually. A common challenge we face with creating content is that we put resources into exceptional text that fails to make the impact we want. 

There are three core challenges at the root of this problem
  • Readers have limited attention 

  • Readers may find it difficult in remembering your content

  • Readers do not understand what you’re trying to say


How can you address these challenges with your non-fiction title. Pickawoowoo can assist through the creation of visual imagery: charts /graphs, mind maps, infographics, process diagrams etc.

Publish like a professional

Writing a non-fiction book can be life-changing for you – and also for your readers. So you want your book to be the best it can possibly be. Pickawoowoo will work with you to establish a professionally designed format that engages readers.

Moving forward

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out how you can publish your non-fiction book.

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