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We know testimonials matter to you as it builds trust and credibility.
For us it highlights our reputation and that is everything in business and more importantly, to us.

"I was first told about Pickawoowoo a few years back. I’m a journalist and author who first published through traditional channels in 2018, and the thought of self-publishing felt both overwhelming and unprofessional. I couldn’t have been more wrong. With my second book in the writing—The Spice Companion—and an audience waiting to receive it, I decided not to put myself through traditional publishing hoops and instead work with Pickawoowoo to become my own publisher. It was an incredible experience. Julie-Ann and her team guided me every step. It was affordable. A learning experience. Hyper professional. And today I am sending out my first big batch of pre-orders on my beautiful new book. I couldn’t be happier."

Sarina Kamini, Author - Spice Companion and Spirits in a Spice Jar

It is with great pleasure I acknowledge the wonderful assistance that Julie-Ann and her team have given me in the publishing of my books.

I commenced writing with a view to getting my works published approximately six years ago. During the first few years I completed and published three books using an overseas publishing group and in that time I discovered that the publishing industry can be not only quite expensive but fickle and at times very indifferent to an author's needs and concerns. Not so with the Pickawoowoo Publishing Group.

Having become disillusioned in my publishing experience with my first three books whilst I may have been disillusioned, I was not deterred, and so I sought out a publishing group for my fourth book that was much closer to home. In searching the internet I found Pickawoowoo and what a find that was.

In Julie-Ann and her team I discovered an organization that was a great example of a company that demonstrated in all their interactions with me their client, extremely high levels of experience, integrity, honesty, interest in successful outcomes for the client, and a positivity and punctuality in all they were called on to deliver. A true example of a publishing group that really cared about their clients.

Whilst I mainly dealt with Julie-Ann and Nicole who were both exceptionally helpful I must also acknowledge the work of their graphic designer Laila who designed the covers of the three books and captured in her artistry exactly what I wanted. An exceptionally gifted and creative member of the Pickawoowoo team.

I have since published three books in total with their group and highly recommend them to anyone who is taking their first step into becoming a published author.

—-Michael R Mundy, Author - The Divine Dance of the Universe - AUS

“I’m thrilled that I found Julie-Ann and Pickawoowoo. She was recommended to me by Ingram for help with file conversion. Not only did she resolve all of my issues, but she also did it extremely quickly. Honestly, it was worth every cent. You cannot put a price on the amount of time and stress that she saved me. I will definitely use this company again and again. I’m so grateful.”  Thanks again for all of your help — and Nicole too. You’ve both been amazing.

—- Paula Ellery, Author - The Holy Book of Love - AUS

I chose Pickawoowoo to help me publish my first nonfiction book. I was encouraged by the reviews I read, but ultimately, my decision was made by following my intuition. It was so right! From start to finish, the staff at Pickawoowoo patiently walked me through the publishing process. Thanks to their individual guidance plus the resources they offered, I learned so much about the publishing industry in general and feel more confident about the process for my future books. I would highly recommend PIckawoowoo to anyone, especially new writers. 

—- Lori A Peters Author - Be Still and Be Bold "31 Meditations for Trauma Survivors" - Pennyslvania,USA

I was looking for very specialized help in self-publishing a scholarly work in paperback form with wide distribution and found it happily at Pickawoowoo. You and your team understood the scope of my project and provided prompt, responsive, and detailed service that perfectly met my publishing goals at a very reasonable price.  I cannot recommend Pickawoowoo more highly.  I am a very satisfied client and very grateful that your firm’s name was listed on the IngramSpark site as a potential publishers’ consultant and resource expert for indie-authors like me.

IngramSpark Expert Rating of 5 Stars (*****) is definitely awarded and genuinely deserved.  Thank you!

—- Sally M. Aldrich Author – The Dartmouth Propriety-MA, USA

This may be a bit long and I'm sorry in advance if it eats up your time, but I want to take a moment to thank Pickawoowoo and more personally you for everything you and the company/agency has done to help me reach this life goal.

I'm sorry if I have been a bother or if I have been too picky and upset or irritated anyone involved in helping me throughout this process. This is not an excuse, but this book is essentially my baby. I worked for a long time on this. I don't have much free time and after finally completing it I wanted to make sure things were as clear and concise for me as possible to not mess anything up or have anything happen to this personal treasure I worked so long and hard on. 

The entire team has been so patient, understanding and helpful, especially you. I can not thank you enough, Julie-Ann, for the patience and respect you showed me. Coming into this blind (as many others have I'm sure) made me super cautious as to protect not only my intellectual property but myself as well in the process but you gave me reassurance and reason to rest the stress and relax. The professionalism to which you and your company has provided is not only incredibly impressive but respectfully admired and appreciated. I truly hope to work with you in the future and not have you guys see my name and go "oh no, not this yank." I had such a wonderful experience and I brag about you guys to everyone I know who is interested in self-publishing. Above and beyond on all levels and I could not have chosen a better group to have gone through.

— Cody Favata -  Author – The Quest of Mallory Bones -NH, USA

Thank you, Pickawoowoo! When I wanted to turn my manuscript into a "book," IngramSpark was one of the websites I explored. I wanted IngramSpark's print-on-demand service, but preparing a manuscript for printing was terrifying. Pickawoowoo was included in the list of "Resources" IngramSpark provided. I contacted Pickawoowoo because of the detail and transparency of their website. Everything was presented upfront. All my questions were answered. I wasn't required to request additional information. The fact that Pickawoowoo had been working with IngramSpark for many years was a plus. When I explained to Julie-Ann, the Managing Director, that I only wanted my manuscript prepared for printing with IngramSpark, she let me know Pickawoowoo could provide that service. Julie-Ann worked with my limited technical skills, completed the tasks necessary for preparing my manuscript for printing, and made all the necessary arrangements with IngramSpark. I relaxed while Julie-Ann did all the work. Through almost daily emails she kept me informed on the progress of my project, answered my questions, made helpful suggestions, incorporated my last-minute changes, and gave me her professional advice when I asked for it. Pickawoowoo provided exactly the kind of support I needed. I would be happy to use their services again. Five stars for Pickawoowoo!

— Pat Seawell -  Author – 9Ninety-Nine More Newfies, Texas, USA


I loved the name Pickawoowoo, as a life long experiencer of the non-ordinary it seemed a no brainer to choose a company with this name. What really decided my choice was that I wanted to use Ingram Spark and Pickawoowoo was linked there. With services that assisted me to establish my own publishing company, have a truly appropriate approach to my cover art and someone I could call or email and always, without fail, get prompt responses I won't hesitate to use Pickawoowoo again. I also want to say that I am a total convert to having an editor look over my work, very tactfully done and I didn't realise how many things needed correcting. Having used Pickawoowoo for the first book in a trilogy what I deeply valued was the trust I developed rapidly, not only of their business expertise and advice but of their ethical approach to business generally. Great people, great company. 4 1/2 star rating. 5 really but I guess I had best leave room for creative expansion.

— Kim Parker -  Author – Waking Wisdon: What the Cat Saw, - AUS


This is great! Thank you to you and your team for all the great work once again.

— F Nathan -  Author – I Am You..And You Are Me, Singapore


I am delighted to tell you I received a copy of my book today. Sincere Thankyou for your knowledge and guidance to produce this beautiful book, your patience and dedication for the best possible outcome has amazed me as the end result is exactly what I imagined. Because you listened to what I wanted. Your professionalism and attitude towards helping me obtain my dream of being a published author is to be commended and I would not hesitate to refer your company to my fellow writers. A few copies have already been sold on Amazon and the response has been fantastic, and a credit to you.

— Elizabeth Wilson -  Author – Undertakers Diary,  AUS


I wholeheartedly recommend the Pickawoowoo team for their professionalism in every area of the process. At the start of my journey as an author, I had absolutely no idea about any of the many stages and complexities of publishing. Not only have the Pickawoowoo team completed a fabulous finished product for me, but they have also endeavoured to educate me – (believe me, I’m a challenge), and I’ve learned a great deal. I feel comfortable asking questions and rely on their expertise in every area. Julie-Ann and her team are second to none. With sincere gratitude

— Fiona Brown -  Author – Whoopsies, AUS


I appreciate you Julie-Ann and it has been an enjoyable process working with you. You have been patient yet direct with me and this has been helpful. I can see the white space you have created does indeed make for a much easier read and I have noticed some errors of mine (seeing it set out differently). Therefore, I understand I will have to pay extra to make the changes. After looking over the whole document, I am very happy with the set out and have attached the final changes I would like to have made to it. I am very keen to move forward with the next stage after my errors have been fixed. Can you let me know how much it will cost to do these amendments please?

— Mia Villatora -  Author – Love Anxiety Away, AUS


Julie-Ann and her team are amazing!  I'm a first time author and needed lots of handholding to get my book from a Word doc to published, and the experience of working with Pickawoowoo was super easy and pleasant.  They walked me through all the aspects of the process - it's clear that they have tons of experience with all kinds of books and authors.  The fact that I'm on the East Coast of the US and they are in Australia was no problem at all - most things were handled easily via email and we could Skype as needed.  Highly, highly recommended!!

— Becky Egan -  Author – Easy Accounting -  NJ, USA

I wanted to let you know that I have been really happy with and comforted by the support you have shown me throughout the process of publishing my first book.  It is a daunting and stressful time and also costly experience so I was pleased when a friend suggested I use Picawoowoo.  The cost was less than half that of other companies and I was supported every step of the way.  It was a huge learning kerb and I am sure I’m not there yet but the help and support gave me confidence to just keep on working my way along.   I liked that we got to choose our level of personal involvement and could pay for what we were not confident with.  All in all a great experience for me and I hope to do it all again soon.  Some photos of my ery successful book launch in following email. 

— Dawn La Puma -  Author Never Back Down- AUS

Julie-Ann and her team are amazing!  I'm a first time author and needed lots of handholding to get my book from a Word doc to published, and the experience of working with Pickawoowoo was super easy and pleasant.  They walked me through all the aspects of the process - it's clear that they have tons of experience with all kinds of books and authors.  The fact that I'm on the East Coast of the US and they are in Australia was no problem at all - most things were handled easily via email and we could Skype as needed.  Highly, highly recommended!!

—Joel Whitwell -  Author One Eye, One Ear, No Worries- AUS

I have been on a journey throughout my life and felt my story needed to be heard; so I wrote my book. That was only the beginning - I soon realised that I knew nothing about getting it published, and the mine-field that is out there in the publishing world. A local contact recommended Pickawoowoo Publishing Group and from the first ‘phone call with Nicole and subsequent meeting with Julie-Ann I felt their genuine interest in my book and a connection that continued throughout the publishing process. Their professionalism, processes and personal guidance was invaluable to me.  For example, when I needed a front cover and back cover designed they had contacts who were able to help, as well as Julie-Ann coming up with some excellent suggestions for other aspects of the book. They guided me through the publishing journey every step of the way and I am truly grateful to them and very proud of the end result.  Would I recommend Pickawoowoo to an author considering going down the Indie/Self publishing route? A definite “Yes” from me. Thank you Julie-Ann and Nicole.

—Stephanie Vaughan – Author of Half Him Half Her - AUS

My new venture into publishing a book was made easy and exciting as both Julie-Ann and Nicole from Pickawoowoo literally held my hand through the whole process. Thank you to both of them I have gone on a published a second book, and now on my third. Thank you again to Pickawoowoo. Phyllis Clifford – Author of Moon and the Tortoise and Ralop

My new venture into publishing a book was made easy and exciting as both Julie-Ann and Nicole from Pickawoowoo literally held my hand through the whole process. Thank you to both of them I have gone on a published a second book, and now on my third. Thank you again to Pickawoowoo.

—Phyllis Clifford – Author of Moon and the Tortoise and Ralop - UK

Julie-Ann at Pickawoowoo was very helpful, prompt and professional. Being a self published Author can be incredibly daunting. There's so much to consider when putting a professional looking Book out there. Julie-Ann made the process fast and stress free for me. The time and anxiety she saved me is well worth any payment. Without hesitation I would highly recommend the whole very efficient team at Pickawoowoo.  Thank you Pickawoowoo Team,

—Carla Savannah, Author of Evolve your Emotions, Evolve through the Dimensions and How do I know when I'm ready to have kids, AUS (2020)

I contacted Pickawoowoo Author Services after years of putting off my lifelong dream to become a published author of children’s books. My initial chat with Julie-Ann Harper was very relaxed and I felt at ease discussing the process of beginning my writing journey. I was afforded the time to ask all my questions without being bombarded with information overload. What I learned from Julie-Ann right from the onset was that this is a process and following the steps is vital if you want to reach your goals. My initial concerns that had been holding me back from starting this path soon dissipated as I realised that Pickawoowoo Author Services were going to be by my side throughout this process with mentoring, support and guidance as I transcended from writer to author. Through the direction of this service, I have been able to acquire the knowledge and confidence to move forward in realising my dreams. This process has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date in my life. The results have been overwhelming for me on a personal level. I particularly appreciated the hard work and patience of Julie-Ann Harper for which I am sincerely grateful. As a result of my experience, I would recommend Pickawoowoo Author Services for the range of services they provide. I am a client who has benefited from their outstanding attitude towards delivering excellence.

—Tammy Tangaroa Author: Little Willy Wagtail Series, AUS

After several false starts with different book formatters and graphic designers, I was glad to find Pickawoowoo Publishing. They helped me finalise my project and get it ready for publishing. Julie-Ann is very knowledgeable and an expert in her field.

—CJ Fentiman Author of A Cat with Three Passports, AUS

Just letting you know that my book arrived today. Whoo hoo!! I love it.

—Linda McGowan Author of So you want to be a Tax Agent, , AUS

WOW..WOW...WOW. Love what Laila has done it does look spectacular. Colours and theme go perfect with the Lila cover. Thanks for all your help and support. Please pass my thanks on to your team.

—Michael Mundy Author of Everything's Gonna  Be Alright, AUS

Thank you once again for your help and support. Really appreciate it!

—Warren Sunkar Author of Living Moments, AUS

During my first conversation with Julie-Ann Harper at Pickawoowoo Publishing, I became confident that I had found the right people to help me take the book I was writing, through to completion. At the time of that initial contact my book writing journey was is in its infancy. Despite that Julie-Ann Harper made regular contact and provided support and guidance throughout the ensuing years. 3 years later I was ready for the publishing process to begin. Julie-Ann’s knowledge and experience and her preparedness to share it, went well beyond expectation and why I believe I reached the end of my first book journey in a far better position and with a far greater understanding than I would have had, had I done it alone. There were so many moments when I could easily have taken the wrong path, made the wrong decision, spent too much or too little. If it hadn't been for Julie-Ann I would now be living with many great regrets. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Pickawoowoo and recommend them more highly to anyone about to embark on their own book writing journey. I’m am very confident when I say - Don't go too far without first talking to Pickawoowoo - it could make all the difference to your outcome.

—Lesa J Hinchliffe Author of Entrepreneur to Megapreneur, AUS


Over the weekend I spoke to 10 professional colleagues and about 20 lay people about the cover choices.  There were people who basically liked everything you did so your concepts are very good. Keep up the great work.


—Dr Phil  Watts Author of How to find Love and not a Pyscho, AUS

5 stars service - Thank you Julie-Ann for a professional and quick help with my IngramSpark files. It helped me very much.

—Edna Ferman Author of Strong Women Finish Rich, AUS

Once again, they look better than I expected thank you very much keep safe and healthy and you  will be happy.

—Pam Halbert,  Author of Mystery Puzzle of Love, AUS

I rate Pickawoowoo 5 stars! I can't thank them enough for all the support they have given me on my journey, which isn't finished yet.

—Rosemary Thomas, Author of The Island , AUS

The book looks like magic!!! My friends and family are so impressed! I am also so impressed and humbled by what you have done with the layout. It is beautiful Julie-Ann... Thank you so much!

—Scott Healy Author of Perceptions and Perspectives, AUS

Thank you so much for your support over the last months. It is very much appreciated,

—Marie Borona Author of Nanna's Nonsense, AUS

5 star service again. You always take time to explain things. Much appreciated.

—Jessie Larman Drink from the Cup, AUS

If I was a King, I would give away my kingdom to 2 women like you, Nicole and Julie-Anne...and so many Kings have and always will! When we trust in each other...what a beautiful place to be everything we have to give! Thank you for the beginning of our journey together. It has been surreal. I am eternally indebted to you for what you have helped me achieve. Anything I can do for you, please let me know.

—Dr Lem Ravensdale Author of Transforming WA, Australia

Thank you so much for all your help these past few weeks!

—Maria White – Author of Seasons Will Change, AUS

Thanks again for all your help, word is out on FB and LinkedIn.

—Jay Pintado Author of The Staff, AUS

The boxes of books (Kingdom of Sway) arrived today. Thank you for your service. I will highly recommend you.

—Elsen Boso Author of The Kingdom of Sway, AUS

Thank you Julie-Ann, we are delighted with “Life After Death”. The cover design is magnificent and in line with the other 4 books you've created.

—Brian O'Donnell Author of Escape From Hell, AUS

Thanks again for all your support. We have two more books on the go, we will be in touch soon... Best regards.

—Andrew  Horn Author of The Ant King, AUS

Thank you again, I think it is a privilege to be able to write a book. Thank you for your help navigating the process.

Kind regards

—Michael McKeon Author of Spiritual Foundation for Christians, AUS

Hi Julie Ann & Nicole, The books have just arrived. Wow! We have appreciated your support every step of the way.

—John & Valerie Chatterton Authors of Acceptance, Creepy Collection , From Bush to Banker and Back, AUS

Hello Julie-Ann, Wow...I’ve just received a copy of Mums book today.. It is so fabulous and I cannot Thankyou enough... What wonderful support you have been...this journey has been so simple Thank you and all the very best.

—Kathy Kappler Author of Joan's Journey, AUS

If electing to self-publish the novel Pelsaert’s Nightmare was one of the most daunting decisions of my creative life, then engaging Pickawoowoo was certainly the most important one. Julie-Ann Harper and her team patiently guided me through the process of book preparation and attended to all of my fledgling questions. Her coaching was invaluable and helped steer me towards a more informed and professional application with respect to the publishing industry. Pickawoowoo’s close relationship with IngramSpark has ensured a smooth transition from book preparation to printing, and Julie-Ann’s comprehensive industry knowledge continues to offer a high level of continuity (and author reassurance) with respect to the post-production and marketing aspects of the business. Further to the release of Pelsaert’s Nightmare, I would again engage Pickawoowoo to assist with future works and recommend their services to anyone considering small and independent publishing.

—Greg Hansen Author of Pelsaert's Nightmare, AUS

I love the way the book looks. Thanking you. Once more thank you for your help. I am thrilled!

—Jenny Orban Author of ATHENS fifth and fourth BC, AUS

Lovely to work with you again. You should be pretty pleased with the outcome, I think it looks impressive! Thanks for your excellent service once again.

—Dr Phil Watts Perth, Author of A Psychological Survival Guide to Breast Cancer. IP: DIY, AUS

Thanks for all your help and support in getting this project looking great :)

—Furn Lovejoy Author of Just Another Love Story, AUS 

I had a drawer full of short and long fiction manuscripts, never thinking I would be good enough to get my work published despite winning awards for several short stories. While working on Mistaken, I turned my new radio to the ABC and heard Julie Anne Harper being interviewed about Pickawoowoo Publishing. Three months later I was holding the finished product in my hand. I was delighted with the quality and how my book was. I have, this month, had my seventh title produced by Pickawoowoo. Without Pickawoowoo, my books wouldn’t be out there and there is every chance I would have given up, which would have been a pity since my third book, Blind Justice was commended in the 2016 Christina Stead National Literary Awards. I have no hesitation in recommending them when I have a book launch, author talk or presentation in a library. If a potential client was on the fence about working with Pickawoowoo I would give them a hard shove off the fence into the Pickawoowoo paddock.

—Tania Park. Author of: Mistaken, Retribution, Blind Justice, Road Trip, The Swan, Stalked and Double Cross, AUS

Pickawoowoo rescued me after I was scammed by a predatory publisher. Julie-Ann from Pickawoowoo was able to pick up the pieces and within weeks had my two cookbooks published. What was a nightmare became a fulfilled dream, I have a new hero called Pickawoowoo publishing.

—Sue Joy Author of The Paleo Bread CookBook &  The Joyful Table Cookbook, AUS

To any author whether they are an independent or accomplished professional. I was a first time author and spent many hours checking many sites and reviews, I chose Pick-A-WooWoo because they came highly recommended by one of the worlds best printer/distributors and ALLi’s site for independent Authors . I can state, without any hesitation, that this was one of the best choices I could have made. I can not say enough about Julie-Ann Harper and the rest of her incredible team of professionals. I am not a tech savvy individual and had to rely on their expertise in most areas related to the publishing my book. I feel, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their patience in explaining and resolving my many questions. In closing, I want to thank Julie-Ann Harper and her amazing team for making my dream come true. Thank you all. 

James Siefermann Author of Your Personal Toolbox, New York, USA

Thank you very much for the best publishing experience. I had experienced shoddy and even dishonest publishing behaviour before I was recommended to you. I thought I was at the end of the road. You run a slick, but thorough business. I have greatly appreciated your honesty, professionalism and great communication along every step of the way. I am already singing your praises to the city bookstore now selling my book you produced. Prospective authors need to know who they can trust. Thank you for restoring my faith, that integrity can still be found.

—Irene Fisher, Nature Fights Back, AUS

Good morning ladies, wow have we ‘done good’ or what? I received my advanced copy late yesterday. I sat here just now and read from cover to cover...ladies we have collectively out done ourselves and superseded expectations. I thank you all so very very much... Read and breathe, think and speak, simple words, small book, powerful impact, I thank you for you for having a hand in assuring my words reverberate around our land...Lao Tze. Thank you on all counts and also thank you so very much for Everything… cover to content to cost you do it all, luckily for people like me this is the case. The assistance, quality – everything – is so professionally actioned and everyone is so wonderful to deal with. I want you all to know how very much I appreciate you – each and every one of you. Much love and loads of gratitude. 

—Dee Erica Author of Read Heed Lead, AUS

Many thanks - having someone to help who knows what they are doing was such a blessing. Cheers

—Denise Guymer Author of The Greedy Duck, AUS

Received new book - it is fantastic. That introduction and the extra chapter and finish that you said should be written have produced an extraordinary result. All thanks to you Julie-Ann.

—Bruce Shackleford Author of Financial Independence, AUS

You are in a tough business Julie-Ann but you deserve to succeed. I LOVE doing business with professionals. I just wish there were more of them! In 40 years of business, I have found true professionalism and genuine integrity all too rare. But I’m happy to say my experience with Julie-Ann was one of those rare rewarding times. She seems to genuinely care about getting the right result for her client. Pickawoowoo has been a delight to work with. Best Wishes.

—Max Sutherland Author of MarketMind, AUS

Pickawoowoo has helped me exceptionally with producing my first book. Your knowledge has been invaluable and the book has come out better than I could have ever imagined!

—Katie Norris Author of The Grandmother Tree, AUS

Once again Fussbum gets a mention and so does Pickawoowoo. An outstanding job.

—Graham Houghton Author of the Fussbum Children's Book Series, AUS

We truly appreciate what you, Nicole and your staff of pickawoowooo have done in guiding us through this process. We will continue to sing your praises and share your professionalism with many who are budding writers/publishers. Warm wishes and joy filled day doing what you love.

—Fran and Marian Authors of Cancer Agrees with Me, AUS

I wanted a professional looking publication for my first publication -a Memoir. Pickawoowoo were an obvious choice after I saw how well they guided a friend through the processes for her novel. I am delighted with the end product. The processes are not as straightforward as I’d imagined and I could not have achieved my goal without their assistance and clear, friendly instruction. Nor would I have stayed within the boundaries of my budget. The book cover design is particularly pleasing and much admired.

—Audrey Payne Author of A Stroll in My Moccasins, AUS

With the overabundance of online information and choices available, self-publishing a print-on-demand book was an intimidating experience at first, but from the moment I contacted Pickawoowoo, they made the process seem simple and easy. I am an independent author who needed help with cover design, interior design/layout and a lot of hand-holding throughout the process, especially setting up an account with the distributor, IngramSpark. The team at Pickawoowoo helped enormously. They were always encouraging, considerate and punctual. They provided personal service and skillful answers to my many questions. In short they made the process enjoyable. I am very proud of how my book turned out and have received a lot of positive feedback about it. Thank you, Julie-Ann and team! I highly recommend Pickawoowoo.

—Brad Laughlin, spiritual teacher, author of Living With Enlightenment—A Journey of Love,  South Africa

I want to express my sincere thanks for all the fabulous work you’ve done to make my books the best it could be. What I especially enjoy is the personalised way you work your professional mastery. You call and talk to me, as communicating via email can be slow – go figure haha. You've given experienced and professional advice and guidance and I've learned a lot. I’m almost finished the last of the illustrations for the next book in the series and can’t wait to send it through for your team to work their magic again. I did a radio interview this morning and the announcer was impressed with the presentation – very complimentary all around. I also attended a Toastmasters event with the same compliments received. I’ve been spreading the word about Pickawoowoo's great service and the ease of the process. Heartfelt thanks.

—Fiona Brown Author of Chook Chick And Cackles Series, AUS

Hi Julie-Ann and Pickawoowoo team, It is simply beautiful. The cover looks gorgeous! You guys did an outstanding job. Please accept my utmost gratitude for your exceptional work. You guys have treated me with humanity and kindness something I don't often receive here in America. You're very much appreciate... God Bless

—Fidel Marcelo Moran Author of Catharsis in Poetry USA

It was with enormous trepidation that I ventured on the Indie road. I had not a clue how or where to start. An American friend of mine was in the middle of a disastrous journey with Xlibris. She was too far in to get out. She felt she was getting ripped off left right and centre but powerless to control her publication. I did not want that to happen to me. I did some research and found Lightning Source in Melbourne. I explained to them that I had a manuscript, a title and a desire to self publish. They suggested I contact Pickawoowoo. After much discussion with Julie-Ann I felt comfortable to move forward with my precious project. I needed editing, formatting and design work done. At no stage in the whole process did I feel I was getting ripped off. In my opinion the fees for service were very reasonable. Julie-Ann and her team nursed me through from start to finish and finally worldwide publication on my book Lost Daughter. For me personally it has been such an amazing positive experience that I am embarking on another journey with another story. With the expert help and guidance from Pickawoowoo I'm sure it will be successful. The important thing to remember is your book will not sell itself. You have to get out there and sell it. The majority of my promotion has been done sitting up in bed on my laptop reaching out to the world.

—Nola Wunderle Author of Lost Daughter, AUS

Hi Julie-Ann and Pickawoowoo team, I would like to sincerely thank you all for making self-publishing so easy. So easy in fact that I would do it again. I had gone from a large publishing company in Sydney to Pickawoowoo. With no pressure and able to write in my own time made working with your excellent, patient and very helpful team the way to go for me. Thank you guys

—Sheryl McCorry Author of Gathering of the Realm, AUS

It is one thing having an idea and words on paper, but for a writing novice like me the world of publishing appeared both daunting and confusing. I quickly realised that seeking specialist help would help overcome these issues. I chose Pickawoowoo Publishing after considering a number of businesses offering help for self-publishing authors. My decision was confirmed after having a detailed conversation with Julie-Ann. From this I concluded that their significant industry experience and a friendly, down to earth approach was exactly what I was looking for. Clearly my books have benefited greatly from the invaluable advice and assistance provided in relation to editing, layout and design of the books. At all times this was done in a caring, helpful and very professional way. To any potential client I have no hesitation in recommending the business. Many thanks to Julie-Ann, Nicole, Evelyn, Eddie, Laila and all the other people involved with turning my two books into a really great reality.

—Richard Whibley Author of World in Questions & Australia in Questions, AUS

Trust your intuition when it comes to Pickawoowoo. This is a team of people you can rely on to get your book published and if they say they’ll do it by a certain time or date, they will. I do have one regret though and that is the project has come to and end now that my book has been published, but hey you never know; I might be tempted to write another book so I can work with the Pickawoowoo crew all over again!

—Silvana La Pegna Author - Everyday Miracle Maker, AUS

Pickawoowoo were recommended by a friend who has seen their ad on TV. I had been screwed for thousands of dollars in two previous self-publishing ventures (USA based) and was pleased to hear of someone else who was in WA. As we were travelling in the area, we were able to get an introductory appointment with Julie-Ann the next day and the human contact made a difference. During the publishing process Pickawoowoo responded immediately (within 24 hours) whenever I had a question or needed clarification. They were up front about costs. They were clear in the advice they gave and yet always left any decision up to me. They were cheaper than my previous forays into bookworld. If you are sitting on the fence about publishing with using Pickawoowoo services then I would say, “Go for it. You can always have an introductory meeting and decide thereafter.”


A really quite enormously large thank you. Your printer exceeded my expectations -- working through the night. I had a good look at the proofs, approved and ordered two copies as you suggested. My happiness is practically boundless today, as it is my birthday and this was the target date I set for completion of "Back to the Point" some seven months ago. It could not have happened -- in this time frame -- without your help and my initial conversation with Julie Ann who put me onto the "Book Design Templates." I thought the process you took me through was cosy perfection. You handled this Neanderthal and his incessant questions with exquisite sensitivity. And, my spouse had an orgasm over the quality of the book cover you produced for "Back to the Point". This was an unexpected benefit. And, perhaps an opportunity for another "testimonial" on your website. I have learned a lot -- thanks to you -- and actually have now committed to writing a second book. I placed a rush on the proof copies. I will let you know how they look next week.  

—John Busselmaier – Back to the Point, New York USA

Spending years creating your book can, at times, be a very lonely business. When the inevitable doubts set in as I neared the finish line on my book project, Julie-Ann's patient, practical and professional advice reaffirmed my belief in my idea and helped to make that huge (and confusing) last step between dream and reality a much less scary proposition. I can't thank her enough.

—Buddy Ross Author/Illustrator - Surfing the Alphabet, AUS

It was a pleasure working with pickawoowoo, they were very professional. I did not have my source files, only pdfs, and the team worked seamlessly to recreate my covers and sort through the tech issues. They went above and beyond to follow up to get my books uploaded and print ready. 

—Mikala Holmes Author of The Road To Resilience & Free to Be Me, AUS

As an Australian based company Pickawoowoo offered me a “One stop shop”. They did everything for me and guaranteed all the services listed on their website to get my book published— I knew I was working with professionals with prior experience. I was impressed that there advertising & marketing–showcased people who actually published books in Australia – I got my first glimpse of Pickawoowoo on TV one Sunday afternoon. I learnt so much more on Publishing a book & the various software programs in the process with Pickawoowoo and now my book is being actually published globally & gaining an author platform. They provided all tools to publish a book, mentoring me and the guidance throughout the process especially when I was in doubt [which I was in most of the time] was exemplary including assigning my book to an extra-ordinary editor , thank you Eddie J

Working with Pickawoowoo gave me my dream come true (published author). The overall process from start to end, the coaching & mentoring through the process was unique—it's the first time I worked with such a dedicated team who assisted me every step of the way . I believe both first time authors as well as authors who have already published will benefit from their experience. If you are on the fence with your book—don't be. Its guaranteed with Pickawoowoo! Believe me—My book is proof of this & it's an Australian company too, so the support is awesome, the turn-around time for emails is almost immediate, the coaching and mentoring has been fantastic , thank you Pickawoowoo—I will definitely do it all over again in my next book.


Thank you Julie-Ann for all your guidance and especially taking my late Friday afternoon phone calls & coaching me, thank you for responding to my mundane emails—I know you must have been overwhelmed by them at times—especially whenever I hit the “panic” button.

Thank you Eddie – you turn words into magic

Thank you Evelyn – for all your great advice and guidance & replying to ALL my emails

Thank you Nicole for the lovely tone in your voice and all your help.

May Pickawoowoo reach the stars always.

—Ashika Laldaparsad, Author of Cycle of Five, AUS

Flexibility, patience and professionalism - that is what you can expect from Pick-a-WooWoo. My job as author of the centenary history of Bunbury Surf Lifesaving Club was made much easier through working alongside Julie-Ann and her team.

—Patrick Cornish Author of Bunbury Surf Club Lifesaving Club, AUS

When the committee of a local surf club decided to have a history written to celebrate the club’s centenary the next decision after an author was engaged was to choose a publishing company. Because we wanted to stay as local as possible we decided to approach Pick-a-Woo Woo, based in Nannup. We were also aware that the business had recently won the 2013 South West Small Business Awards. From the moment we first met with the company directors, Julie-Ann Harper and Nicole Lucey, we knew we had made a great decision. They patiently led us through the procedure of preparing the manuscript, gave us valuable advice on the layout and suggested, amongst other things, what colour, paper and font styles would give the best outcome. Their professional and friendly attitude towards us was always coupled with a smile and they always made us feel valued clients. The published book has been really well received and we are very happy. Would I recommend Pick-a-Woo Woo? ABSOLUTELY!  

—Lyn Bele – Centenary Celebrations Committee Member. Bunbury Surf Lifesaving Club, AUS

Their guiding principle is that no two books are the same. My project in Bunbury had special challenges that called for cool heads and warm appreciation of everyone's views and feelings. This publishing company was a fortunate choice for me and my employer, the surf club.

—Bunbury Surf Club President., AUS

After looking at various options, I decided  to have my book published through Pickawoowoo’s self-publishing arm.  The decision wasn’t made lightly. I had been offered a contract by a publishing company but was concerned that I wouldn’t have the control to present the book in the way that I wanted.  It turned out to be a great decision.

Not only do I have a beautifully presented and high-quality book at a price that was manageable, but I had the constant support and wonderful guidance of Julie-Ann Harper who steered me in the right direction on more than one occasion.  Every detail was considered with care and my confidence grew as I realized that Julie-Ann really understood what the book needed and always took the time and consideration to make it the best it could be. As the book had been 4 years in the making I am so grateful that it ended up in the right hands. Her ethical, very patient and caring approach is something that I will always appreciate. My sincere thanks to Julie-Ann and the team at Pickawoowoo.

—Gypsy Wulff - The Compassion Project, AUS

Working with the team at Pickawoowoo has been both a blessing and a pleasure.  I was almost at my wits end trying to navigate the maze that is the publishing world.  Then along came Nicole and Julie-Ann and what a breath of fresh air they were.  They provide me with information, guidance, support and, when I was ready, consultancy to assist me on my publishing journey.  I won't say there weren't challenges along the way, but with their expertise, experience and encouragement I achieved what I had aimed fact more than I had aimed for AND enjoyed the journey!

—Elizabeth Denniss Author of Horses and Heartache, AUS

Being a first time author I was uncertain as to where to go or what to do next with my completed manuscript. The internet rallied with buckets of information, but too many choices and options confused and intimidated to the extent that I almost shoved my years of work into the too hard basket. But just in the nick of time I learnt about a publishing house recommended as approachable yet professional. I plucked up my courage and my manuscript and took the first big step into the world of books and publishing.

—Jan Forsyth - Author of Afloat and Adrift, AUS

I would like to thank the staff at Pickawoowoo for supporting me in the process of realizing my dream to publish a book. I felt that they were not only professional and knew the field well but also cared about guiding me in considering my options and making choices that I was comfortable with. I believe the combination of knowledge, skill and care is one of the best and I certainly received that.

—Bohdanka Vagner - Author of Bully Change and Trust, AUS

It took me twenty years to complete my first novel. I learnt lots of things along the way, not the least of which is that writers produce manuscripts ... publishers produce books. Any newly published author will tell you, there is a whole lot more to the process than meets the eye. If I hadn't met the Pickawoowoo team it would have taken me another twenty years to hold my book in my hand - if I got there at all. They have handled my dream with the utmost care and respect; juggled my enthusiasm, fears and naivety, expertly, and delivered something beyond my wildest expectations.  I finished my story, prepared to leave it taking up space on the hard drive, Julie-Ann gave me the opportunity and encouragement to make it so much more.  I am delighted that I could maintain control over the creative process yet receive expert advice, unqualified support and genuine interest. They have treated me like an author and now, I dare to call myself one. If there is another way to publish, I wouldn’t care to know it … I have had so much fun and learnt so much on this journey I cant wait to do it all over again. With love and gratitude …

—Lisa Mahoney - Author of Storm, AUS

After lots and lots of research and trying to figure out how to compare different self-publishing services Pickawoowoo landed on top. Because I decided to go with IngramSpark, and it’s extensive distribution network beyond the United States, it didn’t hurt that Pickawoowoo is one of the two preferred experts from the IngramSpark perspective from a list of about 10 providers on the IngramSpark experts list. And the more I have learned about the entire process the happier I became with my choice of bringing Julie-Ann on board.


One thing you need to know upfront, if you’re doing this for the first time, is that you’re going to end up having to learn a lot more than you probably thought you would need to, in order to complete this process. It’s not easy if you don’t have clear instructions and background information that educates you as to why they’re asking you the questions that need answering. Essentially you’re becoming a small time expert based on the guidance of your publisher so you understand the exact implications of the answers they are wanting from you. If you don’t have a smart group of people giving you very carefully developed and well-crafted guidance its going turn into a nightmare scenario.


At each stage of developing the answers to the questions that Pickawoowoo was asking I received exactly that, very carefully developed and well-crafted guidance documents so that I could educate myself on what I thought would then be the best answers to the questions that they were asking me. If you don’t completely understand what I’m saying my point is this:  any self-publishing service is going to be asking questions that are completely unprecedented to your knowledge base if you’re doing this for the first time, if you don’t have good guidance you’re screwed.


To sum up my testimonial I guess the best recommendation I can make is that I will be self-publishing more books in the future and I know exactly who I’m going to be using to help me with that service from this day forward: Pickawoowoo.

—-Robert M Donaldson, Author - Collaborative Power Grab, California USA

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