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Why Choose Us

The Pickawoowoo publishing team enjoy a personal stake in your publishing success and take pride in what we do.

Pickawoowoo commenced by an award winning author (Julie-Ann Harper) with a vision to serve you, the author, to help you bring your book to market.


86% of the public dream of one day writing a book! However, very few of them will ever seriously attempt to do so; and if they do many get caught in predatory publishing traps. Some choose to send their manuscripts to traditional publishers. A long and winding road, wasted time, and no final destination. No traditional publisher, we’re aware of, accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Why? Because some receive thousands of manuscripts each year, yet publish less than 50 books. They are a business, If you do not have a large author platform (readers) or can guarantee thousands of sales - why would they invest in you. 

Many who opt to DIY and self-publish, end with poorly designed books, no distribution channels, and sadly others are left with garages/rooms full of books they can not sell and are now in debt. 

Pickawoowoo believes you deserve better. As an author, you need to understand indie-publishing (self publishing) . You need a publishing partner who knows the industry, and has been where you are. You need a team who understands your needs and is committed to helping you accomplish your writing and publishing goals and achieve your dreams.

Helping Hand

 We’re here to serve. Our commitment to our authors is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture – and we go above and beyond every day to prove it. 

Helping Hand

We’re great to work with and we like to have fun, but we’re serious about results. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We know the world of publishing, but are open minded and all ideas are welcome.

Helping Hand

 We get to know you and your publishing aspirations— so we can deliver the best solutions possible.

Helping Hand

We are creative and smart too. We produce clever work, but always keep the objective of each book uppermost in our mind.

Helping Hand

We do the right thing and we recommend tactics that make sense, even if it means less money in our pocket. We find the most cost-effective means to achieve your goals.

Helping Hand

We are results-oriented, pure and simple, that’s what we and our authors care about most. Award-winning creative is great – but tangible results are even better.

Helping Hand

We’re passionate about what we do but we never lose sight of what matters most: our relationship with the author. We only succeed when you succeed.

Helping Hand

We listen to you and you listen to us. You know your craft we know ours. The perfect publishing partnership.

100% of everything - you are the publisher


No pay to publish service providers (co-operative /vanity publishers) want you to know this - there is absolutely no need to pay a publisher to publish your book. The Pickawoowoo Publishing Group were one of the first publishing companies (worldwide) to help authors set up as the publisher, giving them full autonomy and profits. Other companies said they did it, but they retained the ISBN - meaning they owned the book. Or they call it co-operative publishing and place it under their publishing name. After completion of our author services, Pickawoowoo does not take a dollar. We set you up with the leading print / distribution platform whereby you manage sales in real time, all income goes directly into your bank account. PLUS you print at printers cost

Longevity and loyalty

We've been around for 38+ years in the Publishing Industry and don't mind sharing our acquired industry knowledge or publishing secrets. This ensures you don’t get caught in predatory publishing traps and pay overpriced printing or author royalties. We've helped hundreds of authors at various stages in the publishing journey ... therefore you benefit from our vast experience with both traditional and self publishing experience. Touch base with any of our author/publishers and they will share their journey.

We exist in cyberspace and for real

This may sound strange but we are primarily an online based company BUT we strongly believe you should be able to speak to people if necessary during the creation of your book/ebook, alleviating communication issues and ensuring a strong understanding of your requirements and building an ongoing relationship.


For those who are interested, we are based in the stunning southwest of Western Australia (Nannup) yet operate globally.

Embracing best practice & winning awards

We always utilise publishing best practice approaches to ensure your manuscripts (print or digital) reaches the largest audience possible, and that you will enjoy longevity and quality in every aspect. It’s by concentrating on doing the best in the industry (and for the author) that has seen us have great success and numerous awards, for publishing and business.

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We listen, we care, we serve

We're your publishing partner and we need to know your vision for your manuscript, and the result you wish to achieve.


The only way we can learn that is by listening and engaging with you and then sharing our publishing expertise to make it happen.

Approved author services providers

With 38+ years experience in both trade and self publishing we've built strong relationships with many key publishing organisations and centres of influence.


Three companies that we are especially proud to work closely with are Thorpe Bowker Australia, Lightning Source Australia and IngramSpark.

Pickawoowoo Approved Author Services Provider of Ingram

Traditional v Self Published - we make it hard to tell

A common trap is basing every publishing decision on what our authors want; not what our authors’ readers expect or that which meets traditional publishing standards.


We believe in finding the balance between listening to our authors needs, meeting standards and looking after your readers ... which means that we end up doing the right work for you.

We don't believe bigger means better

We consider our authors to be partners and want to know you by your name. When you deal with Pickawoowoo Publishing Group you're not just a job number, a book name or an invoice.


We know, and our authors can attest to, the best results come when we all feel like part of the same team.

Plain English is better

If you explained your industry, our eyes would glaze over and we would be mystified at your we won't subject you to ours. We keep up with publishing trends and talk so you don't have to, and the only language we speak is about getting the best publishing solution you need.

Integrated approach ... indie author/publishers

Writers write, editors edit, typesetters typeset, designers design and publishers publish and yet sometimes there's a gulf between them.


At Pickawoowoo, we integrate your writings with great design and publishing function seamlessly. Making the transition to a published author (and independent publisher) seem effortless. This is our goal and your dream.

We're financially sound


You don't need to worry that we're a start-up that may not be in business for very long, risking your book project and the results.


Protecting your publishing investment means engaging with a company with a solid track record who is here for the long haul. We are an award winning business with decades of experience.

What makes us different from other author service providers?

With Pickawoowoo, your ideas are always welcome. We foster an environment that’s encouraging for everyone —you (author/publisher) and our team.

  • Experience. You have a team of experienced book publishing professionals at your disposal.

  • Collaboration is our hallmark. It's your book project, we're here to make it easier for you.

  • Strategic. With years of publishing experience and knowledge across many different genres, we have valuable market insights to share with you

  • Creativity. As storytellers ourselves, we know what creative energy and unique ideas can do for a book project 
  • Invested. With 38+ years of publishing experience, we have valuable market insights to share with you.

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