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Ebook Formatting

At Pickawoowoo, we go beyond simple file conversion and hand-code your eBook files from scratch, keeping in mind the nuances of each device, to ensure your eBook will display well. See FAQ's below.

We provide two validated files: Kindle (.mobi) and ePub, which you can upload to the eBook seller of your choice or we can advise which platforms would work best for your genre.

What readers expect 

Most eBook readers want a version to look just like the print version of a book…but with customisable options for text size, column width, space between text and other ways to customise their reading experience. Pickawoowoo's expertise makes sense of these competing needs to ensure your books readability.

​For example, authors may not be familiar with a fixed or static layout, or understand the importance of having page numbers or location numbers on a digital version. We ensure you know the difference so you can make informed decisions..​

Why use Pickawoowoo's eBook conversion service

It is hard to decipher in the market place a professional E-Book conversion service. There are thousands of eBook Conversion companies in the market that are using automated software (what we call meat-grinders) that attracts the unsuspecting author because of its low cost structure. Unfortunately the end result is often unprofessional and more time and money is required to fix this 'meat-grinder approach'. Readers WILL leave bad reviews for your book if the ebook does not function properly. 

Did you know that each retailer has their own set of specifications to make sure the book performs the best on their platform. Our quality assurance ensures it will. We’ll help you avoid the publishing pitfalls, so that your eBook is on par with the polished, quality eBooks produced by professionals, instead of the thousands of poor eBooks out there produced by DIY services every day.

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