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Government & Not for Profit

Pickawoowoo's custom publishing for nonfiction books offers a suite of innovative publishing services for government and non-profit organisations. 

From book idea inception to production and distribution, the team at Pickawoowoo produces high quality book projects that can help you attract media coverage, gain interest with prospects and clients, build brand awareness, establish credibility in your field and much more.

Many organisations are nervous as they don’t understand how the publishing process works nor how the costs have come down substantially over the years, It’s actually easier than you might think! We’ve worked on other people’s books every day for the past 38 years.

Opportunities for your book are endless

We have published books for non-profit (and for-profit firms), which have then been used for: 

  • A fundraising tool

  • Creating an informative and attractive brochure (books don't get disposed of after they are read)

  • Attracting new business - connect with hard-to-reach potential clients. Send them a copy of your book. This can be a business game-changer.

  • Building brand awareness and establishing yourselves as an authority in your industry

  • Attracting media attention - a book can serve as a launch pad for all kinds of PR opportunities. Send copies to reporters, editors and producers

  • Standing out against the competition

  • Distributing books at events, screenings and trade shows

  • Building buzz online through blogs and internet media

  • Telling your story before someone else tells it for you - already in the spotlight or want to be in the spotlight—telling your company story your way can lay the foundation for a bright future.

  • Promoting through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Sending books to prospects via mail

How to develop an interesting book concept

There are many ways to develop a compelling book that will capture the attention of your target audience and accomplish your goals. Here are some options to consider:

  • Share compelling customer case studies - human interest stories sell

  • Discuss an important issue in your industry - a book has a forever footprint and it cannot be ignored

  • Reveal details about your company history - people want to know you are who you say you are

  • Demonstrate methods or create a workbook for using your products and services effectively - build your brand loyalty (there is only so much you can put on a leaflet)

  • Feature the story of a company founder, executive or multiple executives

  • Compile articles, essays, personal stories, case studies or any other content that can be assembled into a great anthology-style book

Selling your book to help fund a group

Writing groups as an example have published (short print run) collections of their members’ works through Pickawoowoo. The book is purchased at cost plus 10-25%  (depending on volume). This still allows the group to buy the books at reasonable printing costs and sell at affordable retail prices to their readership - and make a healthy profit - which goes right back to supporting the writing group.


What is Pickawoowoo's process?

To get started, we just need the interior content for your book. All of the steps below usually take less than a month and then the book goes up for sale on,, and numerous other retailers across the globe. Yes, it really is that easy!

Pickawoowoo's  simple 10-step publishing process



We discuss the options of short print run only or setting you up with the printer platform for print and distribution (under your own name/imprint)


Cover creation

We provide you a cover checklist. We work one-on-one with you throughout the process to ensure the cover is exactly what you require. (If you already have a cover designed that's fine too)



You send us your word manuscript for pre-formatting. (Some NFP's have supplied us with inhouse indesign files and then convert to suit print on demand specifications saving time and money for the client.)


Interior design

We then send you a style layout to confirm the layout.


Full interior

We then continue the full layout of your book once you are happy with the style.



You have both cover checklist and interior checklists as a guide to confirm all is okay - then printers files are produced and uploaded.


Electronic Proof

We send you an electronic proof to confirm all is OK.


Advance Copy

We print 2 advance copies - one for you - one for Pickawoowoo - this allows us to undertake an internal quality assurance check (if offset print an ozalid is provided)



Once you approve the advance copy we will assist with your first print run - the volume of books is entirely up to you (no minimum amounts with print on demand)



Congratulations. You are now published.

Moving forward

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out how you can publish your Government & Not for Profit book.

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