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Mind Body Spirit

With a name like Pickawoowoo it is fairly obvious that this is one of our favourite genres. Not only because it reflects our philosophies in life but we love assisting authors to inject some 'yummy-ness' out into the world.

Publishing, like other industries, reflects the need of the times. Unfortunately, the world is in constant change and anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness have been global pandemics in themselves. Throw in a physical pandemic and life essentially is not going to be the same again for many people. The comfort and healing offered by Mind Body Spirit (MBS) books has shown a significant increase in readers and book sales in this genre.

What does MBS encompass?

The MBS genre tends to have a holistic approach and focuses on assisting in the education and further enlightenment of humanity. It can explore the universe, teach the unity and interconnectedness of all things, encompass a wide range of beliefs, discover higher consciousness or discuss expanded awareness, and enlightenment. There are many subjects that can fall into this genre: alternative healing, mysticism, spirituality, religion, metaphysics, quantum physics, meditation, holistic personal development, theosophy. In essence, self-development and personal transformation fall into this category too.

So from self-help, through personal development, to esoteric and spiritual subjects, this is the spectrum that reflects the genre.

This genre can also cross between fiction and non-fiction with non-fiction being the more popular. Many MBS authors write in non-fiction as they wish to share their discoveries, experiences, knowledge and wisdom with others.

Writing a MBS based book is not terribly different from writing any great book-from a novel to a how-to-manual. All of them need inspiration and good writing and the must have elements that make up a good book: focus, theme. organisation and structure, pacing and flow, vivid yet believable characters, showing versus telling; substance versus stuff and so on. The process is still about writing, editing, revising, rewriting. As in everything... it's all in the details.

Moving forward. 

Call us directly on 1300 88 5858 or place an enquiry to find out how you can publish your spiritual/religious book.

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