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I was looking for a publishing consultant I could trust that would respect what I did and didn’t know as a first time author, and guide me to achieve the quality outcome I wanted.  I think it comes down to communication and expertise.

The team at Pickawoowoo got to know me and knew what they could leave to me and I got to know them and knew what I could rely on their expertise for.  They were like an extension of my team and I felt they genuinely cared about my book publishing project and were totally engaged in it.

Trust your intuition when it comes to Pickawoowoo.  This is a team of people you can rely on to get your book published and if they say they’ll do it by a certain time or date, they will.

I do have one regret though and that is the project has come to and end now that my book has been published,  but hey you never know; I might be tempted to write another book so I can work with the Pickawoowoo crew all over again!


Author - Everyday Miracle Maker: 7 self transformation keys to unlock your miracle-making mindset

Silvana La Pegna February 28, 2018

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