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Julie-Ann it gives me great pleasure to give you a testimonial. I was given two people to contact for help with the new source file for Alec meet Sheikadee. Luckily for me the first person was not answering and did not reply to my message. It was a fortunate day when you came into my life and became ‘my team’. I have been blessed with the most amazing patience and support. I am sure my inexperience would frustrate most people, however you and your team have been there to answer every question with patience and respect. You always give me the knowledge I need to overcome the challenge of the moment, and continue to do so with every ‘learning curve ‘ that comes up.

Your team of yourself; Laila Savolainen who has blessed me immensely by coming on board as my illustrator; Evelyn for all her patience - every time I miss something and have to make her do more work ( for which I have to pay, but that is part of my ‘university course in creative writing’); Eddie Albrech, copy writer extraordinaire who did such an amazing job on the back cover and Nicole who keeps the financial side running smoothly with her attention to detail and the promptness of her paperwork.

I have learned so much under your guidance. I have come from being a very green and novice writer with no knowledge of the publishing process, to one who is now far more knowledgeable. My writing skills have improved and I know how to access the help I need; be that from volunteer beta readers or professional people, when I find I am out of my depth.

Without you and your team, I could not have brought Joshua and Stranger Danger to a publication I am proud to share with the world.

I cannot praise you all highly enough. Your help is invaluable and worth every cent I have paid.

Joan Derrick Spiritual Heritage Publishing June 12, 2017

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