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Professional Author Services

You See a Writer - We See an AUTHOR

Pickawoowoo provides individual OR end-to-end book design, production and publishing services for independent authors. We work to trade publishing standards whilst ensuring authors retain ALL rights, royalties and control.

Did you know that book publishing is undergoing its most profound changes since Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press over 500 years ago? Technological advances, plus cultural shifts in attitudes, have ushered in a new era for authors. No longer do you need a publisher - all indie authors can access the same platforms as traditional  or vanity publishers and you now have the capacity to reach a worldwide audience at a fraction of the cost. At the heart of the revolution is print on-demand publishing. 


Our Services

Do you want to self-publish but don’t have time to learn all the processes? We can help! You do as much or as little as your time and skills dictate.

The friendly expert publishing team at PickaWooWoo will support you throughout the publishing process, from editing, book cover design, interior and ebook layout through to setting up with your chosen print and distribution platforms .. similar to the experience with a mainstream publishing house. Our 'Author Support Business Model' educates you through the publishing process and ensures you have a professionally produced, retail-quality book you can confidently market to your target readership.

The most important fact that you should understand when working with Pickawoowoo is that we help you set up as the publisher. Book distribution accounts are set up in your name so every dollar of net revenue, after retailer discounts/printing costs are deducted, is deposited directly into your bank account, NOT ours. 100% of everything is yours. This is a transparent, ethical publishing model. Your investment, your reward.  It gives you a significant advantage for book success when your efforts end in your pocket for every book sold.


If this sounds like the smart choice for your publishing goals, please contact us today. We’ll reach out, listen and learn all about your book and answer all your question before we start. 

Our Services



Even great writers need editors. Turn to us for  professional book editing services designed for independent authors.

Professional Cover Design

A book cover design should be completely original and customized.

Our creative team understand what it takes to make a book sell.

Interior Page Design

Custom designs for any format and trim size. Save money and hours with our author-friendly custom design processes.

Book  Illustrations

The key to a brilliant children’s book is not just an engaging story but stunning images with  our award winning artist.

Automated Book Design

For those on a tight budget we can provide interior and simple cover utilizing web based book building software.

Ebook Formatting

No simple automated file conversions here. Ebooks are hand-coded from scratch ensuring it displays correctly.

Book  Printing

Print-on-Demand, short print run or offset printing - we'll work with you on a platform that suit your specific needs.


& Coaching 

Need help on your book journey then work with our experienced and qualified book coach with 38+ years experience in the book trade.


Book marketing is all about communication in the most effective manner. Do you know who your target group (readers) are and how to to reach them? 

Book Legalities

Writing and publishing a book is a significant investment. But did you know you have legal responsibilities too. Let us assist you with the legalities.


Without effective book distribution, all the hard work you put into writing and designing your book equals a lot of work with no guarantee that anyone will ever read it.

File Support & Conversion

Need a PDF compliant file for your printing platform but don't have the expensive software needed to make the file? The conversion service helps you with the heavy lifting.


"I was first told about Pickawoowoo a few years back. I’m a journalist and author who first published through traditional channels in 2018, and the thought of self-publishing felt both overwhelming and unprofessional. I couldn’t have been more wrong. With my second book in the writing—The Spice Companion—and an audience waiting to receive it, I decided not to put myself through traditional publishing hoops and instead work with Pickawoowoo to become my own publisher. It was an incredible experience. Julie-Ann and her team guided me every step. It was affordable. A learning experience. Hyper professional. And today I am sending out my first big batch of pre-orders on my beautiful new book. I couldn’t be happier."

Sarina Kamini
Author - The Spice Companion & Spirits in a Spice Jar


38+ years of Publishing Experience

Ready to find out more?

The publishing industry is notorious for unscrupulous activities towards authors. So much so that it has earned the title PREDATORY PUBLISHING. There are scams and scoundrels and wolves in sheep's clothing ... we are none of those. We've been operating since 2005 and helped thousands of authors to independently publish (self-publish). We can even get you in touch with Authors who have gone before you to put your mind at ease. IMPORTANT - We don't hide our suppliers we introduce you to them. There is no need for a middle person and we set you up as the publisher directly with the print and distribution platforms - don't pay inflated prices. Have TOTAL control. Receive 100% of money earned, distribute books globally to up to 39000 online outlets (with just one click) and print your books at printers cost.

Phyllis Clifford
  • Can you undertake my legal requirements for me?
    Yes we are more than happy to do this for you and we charge you a service /admin fee to undertake the tasks. You will pay for the actual costs through the relevant organisations (barcodes and isbns etc).
  • What is a legal deposit?
    Legal Deposit is a requirement under the Copyright Act 1968 for publishers and self publishing authors to deposit a copy of any work published in Australia with the National Library (or library of Congress in US) and when applicable, the deposit libraries in your home state. Legal Deposit ensures that Australian publications are preserved for use now and in the future. We are happy to undertake this task for you and a service fee applies.
  • Do I need an ISBN and who should own the ISBN?
    The short answer is yes, if you’re intending on selling your book, and you should own it. ISBN's are to most authors, just one more detail to look after when they are already feeling overwhelmed. Self-publishing companies prey on unsuspecting authors with low budgets, so when they say, “We’ll provide you with one of our ISBNs for free,” authors breathe a sigh of relief. But little do they know this is one of the worst decisions they wiill make. ISBNs can only be purchased legally from Bowker. Self-publishing companies purchase ISBNs in bulk (as can any author). In a nutshell - who owns the ISBN owns the book. When you purchase an ISBN, Bowker wants to know the name of the publisher. So, if XXX self-publishing company buys the ISBNs, they enter their name as the publisher. When they assign one of their bulk-purchased ISBNs to a book, the company becomes the publisher of the book and not the author/publisher. At Pickawoowoo Publishing Services, each author is considered an independent publisher. We do not pass control of your book over to ourselves nor forfeit a percentage of your compensation (royalties). For that reason, we will purchase ISBNs on behalf of an author with the author listed as the publisher. Total transparency and you own it.
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