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We work with authors according to their publishing needs through our various divisions.

Pick–a–WooWoo represents the future of book publishing today.


Dear Julie-Ann,

I am grateful to you for your warmth and patience in helping me understand the publishing process, for always making me feel welcomed to ask my questions and for patiently guiding me through a complex string of events that take place in getting a book ready for publication.

I thank the Pick-a-WooWoo team who has travelled with me throughout the creation of this book. I will miss seeing their messages in my inbox! The interior design of my book truly took my breath away when I saw what you and the team came up with - WOW! I still smile each time I look inside my book.

Pick-a-Woowoo you have exceeded my expectations. You and all the team have been both professional and personal towards me. We have laughed together and we have pushed the deadlines hard together. I thank all of you at Pick-a-WooWoo.

keep inspired!


Noula Diamantopoulos - You Are. That Is. Creative August 8, 2016

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