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Julie-Ann Harper

Managing Director

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Is the founder of the Pickawoowoo Publishing Group. She has over 25 years experience in publishing, business training, group facilitation, public speaking, self publishing workshops and presentations. Julie-Ann is an advocate of true self publishing - helping authors to view publishing as a business. With 15+ awards in the area of publishing / business and a Telstra Best of Business Awards Judge, she is willing to share her knowledge with as many authors as possible through Pickawoowoo's book coaching service.


She is the co-author of 47 educational titles, 2 self published titles, author of 5 children's picture books and 2 trade published titles (McGraw Hill). In addition Julie-Ann speaks at writers festivals and podcasts for self publishing worldwide EXAMPLE HERE. 


Nicole Lucey

Finance Director


Nicole is co-founder of the Pickawoowoo Publishing Group. She was involved with property law for many years giving her the much needed administration and financial management skills for her management of the financial and IT operations for Pickawoowoo Publishing Group.. Similarly, Nicole's contribution to the sound financial management of the company has been recognised through the numerous business awards.

Laila Savolainent

Illustrator/Cover Art

Laila illustrator photo SSG .jpg

Laila illustration style is wide and varied. Even though she is known internationally for her vivid colour and expressive work, her portfolio is full of images rendered in black and white, both simple and detailed. She uses traditional materials such as paints and pencils and also has a strong digital palette, including a blend of photography and brushwork. She has a keen appreciation and understanding of the needs individual authors have when bringing their work to life in a way that will reflect them and what they are expressing to the world. Laila is also a published author and illustrator. She understands some authors have strong ideas on what they would like to see as their book covers and/or interiors, whereas others do not. Her flexibility in styles has been a blessing to enable the creation of illustrations for the individual, even if they originally had not seen what it was they needed within the images.


Eddie Albrecht



Eddie has been a journalist for more than 24 years with Perth's metropolitan daily newspaper, The West Australian. During this time he covered most aspects of newspaper production from reporting to sub-editing, and editing. For the past 20 years he has concentrated on production - editing copy, writing headlines, copy tasting, page layout, photo selection and cropping, and caption writing. Eddie has an Honours degree in Classics and Ancient History (University of Western Australia), worked at The West Australian from 1989-2013 and recently completed a stint at independent suburban newspaper the Fremantle Herald. He is a prolific editor of websites and self published authors' work. He has a great respect for the written word, knowing it can convey accurately or describe precisely any emotion or event, and looks forward to using his skills to achieve this for prospective authors.

Production Team


In the book design profession, most projects are too large to be completed by just one person effectively. Because of this, each creative business strives to develop a culture that fosters effective teamwork and a professional team.

Our production team (creative team) are a group of individuals / organisations that were hand selected based on their industry experience and professionalism. They come together to create imaginative, original work as and when required. Each team member has been with Pickawoowoo for a minimum of 5-8 years. They are creative specialists in their field whether it be Cover Designer, Interior Formatter, Photographer, PDF specialist, Photoshop Expert, Digital Imagery Artist and more. The hub of Pickawoowoo's organisation is run through Teamwork Projects which ensures our creative team complete a set of shared book objectives and produce a measurable result within a predetermined amount of time. Good management with a great team.  

The exact size of each team per project is determined by the number of separate skill sets required. On a large book project, there will be a core team that is augmented by other players on an as-needed basis. Usually around five and seven people involved. However the core team for a book project will be composed primarily of Pickawoowoo staff who work in close collaboration with the author, functioning more like a partner than a service delivery outfit.


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