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A developmental editor will help you find your authentic voice so that you can remain passionate about your subject matter while at the same time helping you serve your reader in a way that’s meaningful to them.


They will ensure the focus is on your target audience and their needs. It is easy for you to be enthralled by your passion in your subject matter and lose perspective on how your message will resonate with your target audience. For example: what if your messaging is too complex for your audience’s level of understanding. An editor will make recommendations on how to break your message down into bite-sized chunks that can be easily digested.


Copy Editing – Standard

Restating the obvious –  if you want to publish a high-quality Book /EBook, you MUST edit your manuscript.

There is no doubt, investing in an editor is the best way to improve your Book / EBook.  Our proof, copy and content editors are here to help.  Once track changes are complete, you will receive a clean copy for the designers.

Copy and Content Editing (Structural)

Accordingly, here are the features of the Standard copy edit plus:

Highlight sentences to be reworked. Word track gives you the opportunity to agree or disagree.  Improve word choice, transitions or fluency.  Cut excess words, confusing statements, generalisations or mixed metaphors.  Material marked if considered offensive, libelous, sexist, partial, indecent or dated.

Review plot / character elements for consistency in fiction / non-fiction works. Where necessary query the author with text/sentence suggestions and improvements.

Technical, medical, science or math editorial conventions followed as per client guidelines.

Fact check if necessary.

Create a ‘Table of Contents’ if requested.


  • Developmental and Project Editing.

  • Fact Checking, Citation Checking, Reference Checking.

  • Formatting (Desktop Publishing).

  • Indexing Services

  • Mark-Up, Electronic Coding, Tagging.

  • Permissions.

  • Picture Research.

  • Production Co-ordination.

  • Proofreading.

  • Rewriting.

  • Stylistic Editing


Your editor will mark up your manuscript.   They use the 'track changes' feature found in Microsoft word. You manage and review the changes made and at all stages keep your ‘authors voice’ if concerned.  Confirm or adjust any additions, deletions or queries that your editor has recommended. This ensures your manuscript is ready for publication.

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