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Text Centric Covers - simple or not?

The cover of a text-centric work should be visually appealing and provide a clear indication of the contents of the book. Here are some tips to create a cover that will have maximum impact:

1. Use contrasting colours: Choose colours that will make the title and author name stand out against the background. Use contrasting colours to make the text more readable.

2. Keep it simple: Avoid using too many elements on the cover. Keep the design clean and minimalistic.

3. Choose an appropriate font: Use a font that is easy to read and matches the tone of the book. A serif font is usually a good choice for a text-heavy cover.

4. Include relevant imagery: Use imagery that is relevant to the book's content. This could be an image of the subject matter or a metaphorical image that represents the book's themes.

5. Make the title prominent: The title should be the most prominent element on the cover. Make sure it is easy to read and stands out.

6. Consider the book's genre: The cover design should match the genre of the book. For example, a thriller novel may require a more dramatic and suspenseful cover, while a non-fiction book may require a more informative and factual cover.

7. Get feedback: Before finalising the design, get feedback from book professionals to ensure that the cover is impactful and communicates the essence of the book effectively.

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