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The Ultimate Brand Calling Card: The Benefits of Custom Book Publishing for Professionals

Custom book publishing is an effective business strategy for establishing your brand, differentiating yourself from competitors, and increasing market visibility. In today's world, self-publishing is no longer stigmatized, as long as it is done professionally. While authors of novels, memoirs, and how-to books have embraced self-publishing, professionals in fields such as business, finance, real estate, and health and fitness have largely neglected this strategy.

Smart businesses are using print-on-demand and online publishing to offer free or low-cost books, ebooks, and book apps to potential customers as part of their content marketing strategy. By doing so, they can describe their products or visions to potential customers and offer how-to guides, recipes, financial advice, and other freebies to attract customers. Self-publishing is no longer just for authors but is also a smart move for any business.

A book is the ultimate brand calling card and can open doors, position you as a guru in your field, and provide a tangible item from which to leverage a media campaign or provide at speaking engagements. Books can also serve as conversation starters and a source of credibility with centers of influence, prospects, and clients. Unlike advertising propaganda, books are a credible marketing tool that can be used as a premium, incentive, reward, or giveaway.

Custom book publishing is one of the most effective business strategies for reaching targeted groups of people with information relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyles. It provides a personal touch and longevity to your message, as books are still considered a primary source for sharing and storing information. A book's return on investment can be substantial from both a financial and branding perspective

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