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Yes we do know what we are doing!

Today I was asked by a frustrated author "do you know what you are doing?"

The author had approached many author services businesses in the past for assistance. In addition they had already paid out a significant amount of fees and were clearly waiting to be taken advantage of... again. Hence the question "do you know what you are doing?"

Firstly, authors must undertake due diligence in their research for a author service provider.

Secondly, given we have a waiting list of authors and very little time to placate irate authors (in essence to make them feel good and us look good) the quickest way to respond was :

  1. Please read our TESTIMONIALS (from real authors)

  2. Review 'ABOUT US' - who we are and how we operate

  3. Note our awards for business and publishing - demonstrating our industry knowledge - AWARDS LINK HERE

  4. Have faith - there are ethical businesses who work with integrity - not all is lost. Please call and discuss your project.

The Awards clearly demonstrate that a good idea and a well run business provide the foundation for success. Western Australia has a reputation for excellence and leadership in business and I am delighted to see that Pick-a-WooWoo are upholding a fine tradition.”

– David Eaton Small Business Commissioner

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